‘People could have been killed!’ exclaims a enraged BBC R5 caller as he hangs up.


‘People could have been killed!’ exclaims a enraged BBC R5 caller as he hangs up on Colston 4.

A FRUSTRATED BBC R5 caller has expressed his displeasure with a court’s decision to free four people accused of toppling the statue of slaver Sir Edward Colston in Bristol last summer.

A caller in Bristol told BBC Radio 5 Live host Nicky Campbell that the toppling of the Sir Edward Colston statue during a Black Lives Matter protest last summer could have killed someone. Auriol argued that the manner in which the slaver’s statue was toppled was dangerous, and that “there are always modern-day more important things to be dealing with.”

Auriol told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I’ve been into the site where the plinth is now empty and I’ve seen the entire situation,” he said. “I haven’t seen the statue myself, but I’ve seen the situation.”

“It was extremely dangerous, and people could have died as a result.”

“I’m not aware that there was a specific visit for us campaign beforehand,” she continued.

“I believe it was mentioned, but I’m not aware that they had been campaigning for years to remove the statue.”

” I believe they should have run for local council on a ticket to have the statue removed.

“I’ve also been in because I’m on a church committee where contested heritage has been discussed.”

“It’s just the way the United Kingdom is,” Auriol argued, “the wheels of heritage grind very slowly.”

“It has a long history, and it moves slowly.”

So I’ll be honest with you, she added.

There are always more pressing issues to deal with in today’s world than what happened 300 years ago, rightly or wrongly, and the slave trade was very wrong. If you want, I can tell you about it.

“But there are always more pressing issues with the here and now,” says the author.

Conservative commentator Andrew Pierce told Jeremy Vine on Thursday that the Colston four’s release meant the UK’s rules-based legal system had been replaced by one based on “values.”

He told Channel 5’s show, “That’s a really, really disturbing precedent.”

“We have a system in this country, it used to be a rules-based system of law,” Mr Pierce told Jeremy Vine.

“As a result of this decision, it is now a legal decision based on values.”

“In other words, depending on the circumstances, the law can be bent.

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