People assume she’s dressed up, according to a young female priest.


People assume she’s dressed up, according to a young female priest.

People are often astonished to see a young female priest wearing a dog collar and assume she is dressed up. Rev Becca Rimmer, 30, on the other hand, said her age comes in useful as more young people rethink their faith in the wake of the pandemic.

Women made up 54 percent of the 580 ordinands who began training in September, and roughly a quarter of men and women joining the priesthood were under the age of 32.

Becca, who was ordained last year, works at Christ Church Highbury in north London.

She formerly worked in advertising as an art director and studied Spanish at Exeter University.

However, she comes from a long line of clergy members, with her father and both grandfathers serving as vicars, and her brother in the process of becoming a vicar.

“People look at me like I’m going to a fancy dress party if I walk out in my collar,” Becca said. “There was a lot of laughter when I informed my pals, but it was in a positive way. They said something along the lines of, “That makes sense.”

“I believe that ten years ago, I would have been startled.

“I had hoped to work in the arts or in some other creative field. I expected to help in a church but not to be ordained,” she said, adding that Covid-19 had brought new individuals to the church.

“Almost every week throughout the pandemic, someone would walk into our church and inquire about it. I’ve observed a lot of young individuals in their twenties come in and claiming they’re looking for a community.

“This year, people have been searching for a sense of purpose and reevaluating their priorities. Money, after all, isn’t everything. It isn’t possible to buy freedom or hope with money.

“People think to themselves, ‘I’ve worked all my life, but what am I alive for?’

People are shocked to see me, but I think it’s because they realize that I can relate to them.” She went on to say, “I’ve never been more thrilled about the future of the Church of England.” The women I worked with were incredible.

“Because I was ordained by two excellent female bishops, I’ve never felt compelled to fight.

“It hasn’t always been this way, and I recognize how fortunate I am.”


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