People are outraged by £14m of crucial EU support lost to rural Scotland as the UK leaves the European Union.



Rural Scottish ventures will be $14 million in loss of funding if the UK leaves the EU.

These twenty-one rural areas in Scotland will be stripped of funding from the European Union structural funds.

This is an alert provided by the Scottish LEADER program , Scotland’s largest rural development initiative . In exchange, performing projects earn funding to a matching sum.

This has helped to fund 1,000+ initiatives and 2.25+ million people.

A tax on the rich is introduced as an alternative. However, the program argues that this has been rejected; instead, my suggestion is to introduce a £220 million pilot in 2021-22.

The goal was that the fund would be worth around $1.5 billion a year in the UK, but that it would not be available until 2022 with it being “significantly less” than EU programs.

Rural jobs in Scotland: study predicts thousands will be generated.

The Scottish government protested, “It is unacceptable that the UK government has not yet made this available.”.

The support for this relationship is completely vital for rural areas and the implications for losing this funding in April are devastating for the organizations involved.

“It enables not only businesses, third-sector organizations and community groups to access much-needed funding but it also acts as a hub for other investors who can contribute more than the LEADER payment.”

For every £2.42 invested, there was a counterpart investment of £3.49 million, or a return of £1.44 for every pound spent.

“Through our work, we’ve been able to create new jobs, increase tourism numbers and provide important local infrastructure.”.

She is worried that Westminster’s suggested alternative won’t offer enough funding to companies that need additional support.

She said that a pilot year would be very difficult for several businesses and some would not persevere.

With the bleakness of the Covid 19 outbreak, companies are in need of extra funds, and this funding reduction will come as a double blow.

“The fear is that this new pilot program will take a long time to set up, and with the expectation that this level of funding will be shared across the UK rather than Scotland, it may be too much for some businesses to cope with.”.

The Tyne and Esk has invested more than £3.4 million in support over the last six years for its target areas in rural East Lothian and Midlothian.

The Tyne Esk LEADER program has aided the development of 62 new jobs and assisted 42 small businesses.

Grants worth up to £200,000 are eligible for the candidates to apply for.

One of the recipients of the grant was Cousland Smiddy, which is still in service today.

It is still in use and actively used in our country today. Parts of the smiddy needed an update, and in collaboration with Historic Environment Scotland [HES], LEADER given $20,000 to renovate the historic building where a blacksmith has worked since 1703.

The Tyne Esk LEADER funding and the project support by Historic Environment Scotland allowed us to secure matching funding from Tyne Esk LEADER and obtain the required consents to carry out the listed works.

The result stipulates that the smiddy should be used by the farrier’s tenant as a working room, thus being open and safe for both visitors and the farrier. The teacher is very happy with the result.

“Without funding and the combined efforts of HES and LEADER, this restoration would not have been possible, and it’s relatively small projects like ours that suffer the most from lack of funding.”.

Also, the software impacted a remote Scottish community that was worth annually .


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