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People are most miserable when they’re 48 – but much happier in their 70s, study finds

PEOPLE are most miserable around the age of 48, a study reveals.
But those in their 70s are much happier.

Research found happiness levels resemble a U-shape, getting progressively worse until we have almost reached the half-century mark — such as screen star Idris Elba who turned 48 eight days ago.

By that point our stress levels are at their highest and our finances stretched.

Those who still have hair are going rapidly grey, according to David Blanchflower, the former Bank of England policymaker. But from the age of 48.3, life begins to turn a corner.

And we are most content when we reach our 70s.

Mr Blanchflower looked at data from some 500,000 individuals in 145 countries.

And he found little difference between First World and developing nations.

He said: “No ifs, no buts, wellbeing is U-shaped in age.

“It’s in rich and poor countries. I found it in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australasia and Africa.

“I found it in 12 countries ranked in the top 20 for life expectancy of 82 or more.

“The curve’s trajectory holds true in countries where the median wage is high and where it is not and where people tend to live longer and where they don’t.”

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