Pen Farthing’s dog was stabbed by the Taliban at a checkpoint in Kabul, according to an ex-Marine.


Pen Farthing’s dog was stabbed by the Taliban at a checkpoint in Kabul, according to an ex-Marine.

PEN Farthing claims that the Taliban stabbed one of his dogs when they drove through a roadblock in Kabul.

As he departed Afghanistan with his rescue animals, the Taliban allegedly stabbed one of his dogs, according to the former British Royal Marines commando and founder of the Nowzad Dogs organization. According to the Daily Mail, Mr Farthing said five cats died on the drive, and he believes one dog was stabbed by the Taliban as they drove through a checkpoint. “Nobody in the British Government enabled my admission into that airport, that was something I did with the Taliban,” he stated.

“I came up to the British checkpoint for the first time, and this is well into the airport,” he continued.

“The Taliban and British are standing there, separated by barbed wire. It was the first time I spoke to a British person.

“So whomever is making any charges or making any statements about how I got into that airport ought to have really stood there on the ground and seen how I got into that airport.

“There were no interpreters or anyone else to help me go in; it was just myself and the truck load of dogs and cats that went into a cargo hold where people are not allowed.”

He also scoffed at the Ministry of Defence’s claim that it assisted him and his animals in navigating the system.

He brought 200 dogs and kittens from an animal refuge he built in Afghanistan when he arrived at London’s Heathrow Airport on a privately sponsored charter airplane on Sunday.

After that, the ex-marine boarded a connecting aircraft to Norway to see his wife Kaisa Markhus.

Ms Markhus was the country director for Ascend Athletics, an organization that assisted Afghan women participate in athletic events.

Under UK law, the animals that Mr Farthing brought back will have to be quarantined.

If diseases are discovered, they will have to be euthanized.

After departing without his Afghan staff, Mr Farthing claimed he feels “no joy, just remorse.”

“Remorse that I couldn’t persuade the powers that be to grant me the documentation a few days earlier for whatever reason, guilt that I left them behind,” he added.

“I think I’ve sobbed more in the last five or six days than I have since I was four years old,” he told the Daily Mail.

“I’m simply tired of it.”

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