Pelosi receives NATO ‘Women for Peace’ award, jokes about ‘ruling the world’.


“When people ask me, ‘If you ruled the world, what one thing would you do?’ – I think about that a lot,” Pelosi said, laughing. Though the 10-second video did not show what answer she gave, the transcript of her speech, posted on the official website of the House Speaker, revealed the rest.

Pelosi said she thinks “a lot” about what she would do if she “ruled the world,” during her remarks at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Lisbon, Portugal today.

“That would be easy. It would be to prioritize the education of women and girls… Because we truly do believe that when women succeed, America succeeds – or any country succeeds. But globally, we all succeed,” Pelosi said in answer to her own rhetorical question.

The 81-year-old Democrat from California addressed the 67th annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, as the leader of the US delegation – and the historic first recipient of the newly inaugurated ‘Women For Peace And Security Award.’ 

Introduced after the alliance summit in October 2020, the purpose of the prize is officially to honor a woman who has demonstrated “equal participation of women and men in the field of peace and security” or protection of women in conflicts, or “mainstreaming of women’s needs and perspectives” in post-conflict relief and recovery.

Pelosi was chosen for the honor by a jury composed of the NATO PA committee members and the special representative for women, peace and security. She received it from the newly elected president of the PA, Gerald Connolly, a Virginia congressman and her fellow Democrat.

During the speech, Pelosi argued that NATO is not just a security alliance, but “cohesion built around values.” A peaceful world is “furthered not just by security and fairness in our economies. But it’s also about values and governance,” she said. 

And that is so important. And that is really this center. What are we calling it? The Center for Democratic Resilience is in furtherance of NATO’s purpose. It really is.

She also praised NATO for working to “mainstream a gender perspective into peacekeeping operations and prioritizing greater representation of women at all decision-making levels.”

NATO was “so instrumental” in having 20 years of women and girls receiving education in Afghanistan, something “we cannot let that go, slip away,” Pelosi argued. “Because it’s not just about the women. It’s about what it means for Afghanistan. It’s not just about Afghanistan. It’s what. Brinkwire Summary News. For more information, search on the internet.


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