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Peanut butter sandwiches and dry ramen among ridiculous foods NY bars are serving to comply with COVID mandate

NEW York bars are selling ridiculous $1 food items like dry ramen in order to comply with Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s coronavirus rules.

Cuomo tightened outdoor dining rules in July by requiring food to be sold with alcohol when ordered during outdoor dining.

After the original mandate, some places started a “Dollar Menu,” with selections like the $1 “Cuomo chips” one Saratoga bar was offering.

Cuomo then said that eateries must serve “substantial” meals to stay open.

In East Village in New York City, diners have the option to add Lunchables, small cheese quesadilla or H mart dumplings with their drink, the New York Post reported.

One bar in Ridgewood is reportedly selling a $1 gluten-free vegan taco consisting of a single corn tortilla while another is offering a soup of hot water and bouillon cube.

Cornerstone Cafe in East Village told The Sun they are offering patrons a muffin for $2.50 to accompany their drink.

Do or Dive in Bed-Stuy is giving diners a cheese sandwich with their drinks, the first one is free and the rest are priced at $1 each.

If diners don’t want to eat their sandwich, they are encouraged to leave it at the community fridge nearby so they don’t waste the food, the bar manager told The Post.

Patrons in Bushwick can allegedly get gazpacho or a dry cup of ramen when order drinks the Post reported.

In Park Slope, Fourth Avenue Pub is offering peanut-butter or jelly only sandwiches.

According to the Kirk Struble, the owner, the sandwich pairs well with a Wölffer Estate Dry Rosé Cider.

““That we’re a bar with free popcorn has been our calling card in past years, but obviously that’s not enough now, so we came up with something easy to make and shelf-stable,” the owner told The Post

In Manhattan’s financial district, Mad Dog & Beans offers a full menu for patrons to chose from, however if they chose to order a to-go drink from the bar, they can add on an order of $2 chips and salsa, the restaurant told The Sun.

Other restaurants and bars revealed to the Post different ways they comply with the mandate but requested anonymity for “fear of provoking Cuomo or suddenly finding themselves not in compliance with constantly changing guidelines.”

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