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PE teacher, 43, reveals the EXACT working lunch she swears by every day in winter

A physical education teacher has shared the typical workday lunchbox that she eats each day to stay lean and toned, and revealed why it’s important to focus on hydrating your body and easily digestible foods in the cooler months.

Belinda Norton, 43, from the Gold Coast, packs her daily working lunchbox full of complex carbohydrates, fruit and veg, as well as plant-based protein to stay full until dinner time.

‘This week, I’ve gone dairy-free and plant-based due to feeling a bit congested from the weather changes here in Australia,’ Belinda explained on her Instagram page. 

Belinda’s lunchbox this week consists of fresh strawberries, raw almonds, seaweed crackers, manuka honey, a raw carrot and mini cucumbers as snacks.

The teacher then eats a roasted vegetable salad with baby spinach, satay sauce and sweet potato for lunch.

She said that she has noticed the temperatures dropping a bit this week, as well as the wind and pollen affecting general air quality.

‘As soon as the temperatures drop, we all feel the effects,’ Belinda said.

‘In order to maintain wellness, we must nourish our bodies with easily digestible foods that create clean airways.’

The 43-year-old mum said she has also focused on hydration this working week, as it’s easy for water to fall by the wayside when you’re busy at work and it’s not as hot.

‘I’ve been drinking water, warm water, green tea, coconut water and sparkling mineral water,’ she said.

‘Two coffees only per day – max a quarter of a cup of almond milk in coffee.’

Belinda said that a daily food routine has many health-enhancing capabilities.

‘It increases your immunity and makes you feel well,’ she said.

She also said by homemaking meals, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body, and you will be increasingly likely to make good choices.

‘Food is fuel for your body and the machine you run in daily,’ Belinda added.

Belinda told FEMAIL that the most important thing with your foods you take to work is that you make sure you have some plant-based foods, some raw crunch (like carrots or mini cucumbers) and plenty of protein.

‘I like to have fresh berries for antioxidants and also plenty of raw crunch and raw nut butters,’ Belinda told Daily Mail Australia.

‘The most important thing to think about with everything is your portion size. Your fist is the ideal measuring cup, while for kids a portion is their fist size.’    

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