‘P****D OFF!’ exclaims the narrator. Boris Johnson’s ideas for Freedom Day have been slammed by scientists, who say, “This is nonsense!”


‘P****D OFF!’ exclaims the narrator. Boris Johnson’s ideas for Freedom Day have been slammed by scientists, who say, “This is nonsense!”

BORIS Johnson’s decision to eliminate all coronavirus limitations on Monday, dubbed “Freedom Day,” has been branded “madness” by scientists, with one describing herself as “p****d off and upset.”

Another has claimed that the changes will just exacerbate social divisions, stating that key public health decisions have been left to individuals and companies. During their Friday briefing yesterday, Independent Sage discussed the proposed changes, which were confirmed by Mr Johnson earlier this week, against the backdrop of growing concerns about the so-called Beta variant, which may be capable of evading the immune response elicited by the AstraZeneca vaccine.

I’m pissed off, sad, and enraged.

Christina Pagel, Ph.D.

“I feel p****d off, upset, and angry,” said Professor Christina Pagel, a professor of operational research at University College London (UCL).

“We’re conversing in the incorrect way. It’s insane to open on Monday. It’s something we shouldn’t be doing.

“Right now, we should be talking about how to get cases down.”

“A paper commissioned by Sir Patrick Vallance estimates that at its peak, we’ll be getting 20,000 to 30,000 new lengthy Covid cases every single day,” she warned.

“What are we doing to our youth, children, and the most vulnerable among us?” It’s just not right.”

“The idea of allowing the illness to spread throughout the population, infecting many young people who have not been given the best protection after young people have sacrificed so much for the older generation, is wrong and we are letting them down,” Dr Kit Yates, a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Bath, added.

“The discussion should not be about whether it is appropriate to proceed; rather, how can we reduce the number of cases?

“How do we keep this from becoming a long-term health crisis?”

Martin McKee, Professor of European Public Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, expressed his own “anger and confusion” at the situation.

“One thing is that the people are ahead of the politicians,” he added. I believe that people will act responsibly.

“However, we now have a government that was talking about data rather than dates, and they’ve thrown it out the window.

“They’ve talked about following science, but that’s been tossed out the window.”

Prof McKee stated, “This is actually incredibly harmful for democracy, public health, and government.”


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