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PC Harper’s widow vows she won’t ‘fade away quietly’ as she fights for Andrew’s Law

THE widow of PC Andrew Harper says she “won’t fade quietly into the background” as she fights for a new law to tackle killers of 999 heroes.

Lissie Harper revealed she and Andrew, 28, wanted to try for a baby before he was killed on duty by thieves.

She also said supporters of his killers — travellers who smirked when they were acquitted of murder — had tried to intimidate her.

Lissie, 29, said: “There were allegations that the killers’ supporters were intimidating jurors during the trial and then, on the day they were acquitted of murder, when I requested a retrial, my car was keyed.

“I can’t be sure who did that but I do know that Andrew’s killers and their supporters would probably rather I faded quietly into the background. But I’ve no intention of doing that.”

Lissie and the Police Federation are campaigning for Andrew’s Law, which would mean an automatic life sentence for anyone who kills a police officer or other on-duty emergency services worker.

She said: “Sadly, nothing I do will bring Andrew back, but I know he would be proud of me for seeking to bring about a change in the law.”

Designer Lissie said of Andrew’s killers: “It won’t be long before they’re out and they’ll still be young.

“They will be able to get on with their lives — a privilege they have taken away from Andrew.”

Andrew was killed responding to a call about a stolen quad bike in Stanford Dingley, Berks, last August — just four weeks after he and Lissie wed.

As he tried to apprehend the thieves, he unwittingly stepped into the loop of a tow-rope attached to the back of the their car.

They then sped off, dragging him for more than a mile along country lanes.

There was a national outcry when the killers were found not guilty of murder — instead being convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Henry Long, 19, got 16 years. Pals Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers, both 18, received 13 years each. With good behaviour, they will serve half that.

Lissie told The Daily Mail she has been subjected to a “life sentence without Andrew”.

She said: “We had a honeymoon booked in the Maldives in September and were planning on trying for a baby when we got back.

“Andrew would have been a great dad. Having a family with him is one of the many things his killers have taken from me.”

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