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PC Andrew Harper’s ‘tortured’ mum reveals she clings to note he wrote as kid saying he’d always love her

PC ANDREW Harper’s mum has revealed that she clings to a handwritten note her son wrote as a kid saying he would always love her.

Debbie Adlam held the scribbled note during his funeral last year and still clutches onto it like a lifeline in her “darkest hours”.

It is a thank you note for a mobile phone she bought little Andrew and reads: “Thank you mum, you’re my mate…Just remember I will love you forever, no matter what.”

Debbie, 55, told The Sunday Mirror: “This piece of paper has become really special to me.

“Because in my darkest hours I know he will always love me.”

The Thames Valley Police officer died while trying to stop three thieves stealing a quad but in Berkshire last August.

PC Harper, 28, was caught in a crane strap dangling from the back of a Seat Toledo driven by 19-year-old Henry Long.

The court heard how the cop was dragged to his death “like a pendulum” down the country road.

Debbie said she is “tortured” with thoughts of her son’s final moments and that she makes regular pilgrimages to the road where he died because it helps her feel close to him.

Debbie said: “It’s where he took his last breath and I feel drawn there.

“Maybe it’s a mum thing – I still want to be with him and protect him.”

The shattered mum also revealed she visited PC Harper’s body four times at Reading’s Royal Berkshire Hospital – but her son’s injuries were so horrific he had to be covered by a sheet.

She also spoke of her anger at the thieving teenagers’ sentences.

Long, along with Jessie Cole and Albert Bowers, both 18, were sentenced for the newlywed’s manslaughter but cleared of murder.

The trio hugged each other to the sound of their cheering families as the verdict of not guilty to murder was read out in court.

Bowers and Cole were instead convicted of the lesser charge of manslaughter – which Long had previously admitted.

Long was caged for 16 years.

Bowers and Cole were handed 13 years in prison and banned from driving for two years.

Debbie said there was “not a glimmer of remorse” and is furious at their jubilant outburst.

But by contrast, she said her family was warned THEY couldn’t show any emotion – because it could be used by the defence to undermine the prosecution.

Debbie fumed: “It looked like they’d scored the winner in the FA Cup Final – cheering and hugging each other.”

Debbie has poured her grief into launching the Andrew’s Law campaign for a “mandatory” 20-year minimum prison sentence for those convicted of killing police officers.

Currently defendants under the age of 21 receive lower sentences, but Debbie believes this should end.

Launching her campaign this week, Debbie said: “We got to the end of our trial and we didn’t feel like justice had been done, we felt like we had been punched.

“To get the sentence come down to the amount that it did, we didn’t walk away feeling that we had done Andrew proud.”

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