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PC Andrew Harper’s killer brags ‘I’m a real man’ as he is arrested outside pub in two year old video

PC Andrew Harper’s killer Henry Long shamelessly bragged ‘I’m a real man’ after being arrested outside a pub when he was 15 – two years before he dragged the officer to his death behind a car.

Footage of the incident, posted on social media in April 2017, shows the teenager being taken to a police car by officers, who he taunts as they attempt to bundle him in.

The video was posted on social media by Long’s father, Carl, two years before PC Harper’s death in August 2019. Last week Long was jailed for 14 years for manslaughter.

The video starts with an officer speaking to Long, now 19, who is surrounded by police.

As he is being spoken to, Long shouts: ‘Look at how many cops it takes to do me boys. I’m a real man, a real man.’

As he shouts this, he is seen to jump up as unamused officers continue to restrain him.

Meanwhile officers around Long continue to calm his family and friends.

Long is then handcuffed by officers before shouting: ‘Beat the s*** out of me? You can’t do f*** all.’

He repeats the taunt three more times as officers continue to try to get him in the police car. 

Meanwhile his father Carl is heard saying: ‘Look at how many there are of them, all for him.’

Family and friends later encourage Long to co-operate with police and get into the police car saying: ‘Henry, get in. Get in.’

It is not clear why Long was being arrested or whether he was charged.

MailOnline has contacted police and the Crown Prosecution Service for more details.

The video comes after Long, Albert Bowers, 18, and Jessie Cole, 19, who are all travellers, were convicted of the manslaughter of PC Harper but cleared of murder, after the police officer was dragged to his death behind their car.

PC Harper, 28, had tried to stop the thieves stealing a quad bike and his ankles were lassoed by the trailing loading strap as the teenagers tried to escape in Sulhamstead, Berkshire, in August last year.

For more than a mile the Thames Valley Police officer was towed helplessly behind the Seat Toledo, driven by Long, by his feet as the car reached speeds of up to 60mph.

The stricken officer had married his wife, Lissie, 29, just four weeks before his death.

Long and his two friends Bowers and Cole, were all accused of murder but convicted only of manslaughter and were seen joyfully embracing each other via a videolink from HMP Belmarsh in London.

The trio smirked and laughed as the court heard how PC Harper was swung ‘like a pendulum’ to his ­agonising death near Reading in Berkshire.

Violent career thief Long even said he ‘didn’t give a f***’ when he was charged.

Long, of Mortimer, Reading, had earlier admitted m­anslaughter but was cleared of murder.

Bowers, also of Mortimer, and Cole, of Bramley, Hampshire, were cleared of murder but found guilty of manslaughter.

They were jailed for 13 years each. 

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