‘Pay up or I’ll make him dog food!’ – Scammers demand money in exchange for pets they haven’t discovered.


‘Pay up or I’ll make him dog food!’ – Scammers demand money in exchange for pets they haven’t discovered.

Alerts from dog owners anxious to find their beloved missing pets are a common sight on social media.

However, callous crooks are increasingly preying on pet owners, demanding ransom money for creatures they don’t legitimately own. Since the pandemic puppy boom, DogLost, a non-profit that helps people find missing pets, has received an increase in calls from owners demanding money. People who have lost their dogs are encouraged to make them “too hot to handle” by posting photographs and descriptions on social media, along with impassioned pleas, in the hopes that the pet will be found and returned.

Speculative scammers, on the other hand, are taking advantage of their anguish by phoning them and demanding money. “These people are the lowest of the bottom,” DogLost’s Justine Quirk remarked. It’s a novel manner of preying on the most vulnerable. These are the kinds of horrible individuals that would commit distraction burglaries on the elderly and swindle them in their homes.” Since the first shutdown in March 2020, dog theft has soared by 170 percent. In 2017, 172 canines were taken, and in 2018, the number increased to 465. It’s anticipated to reach 500 this year, with costs soaring as demand for pets significantly outnumbers the number of litters available from ethical breeders. Many canines are said to wind up in illicit puppy farms, which is heartbreaking.

The burglars attacked Brookfield Farm Kennels in Spondon, Derbyshire, in the summer, taking two male cockapoos, Elvis and Tony, and Remi, a female cocker spaniel, all of whom were under the age of a year. Elvis was being trained to be a therapy dog for Oscar, the six-year-old son of owners Natallie and Andrew Cobden, who has autism.

“We put him in kennels since we were going away with friends and he’d been there previously, so we believed he was safe,” Natallie explained. Elvis has aided my son Oscar with his autism, which causes him to have angry outbursts. He’d settle down when Elvis sat with him. Having him stopped his stutter, but it has now returned.

“Three people have called us, usually when I’m out with the kids, so I have to keep my cool for them.” However, you can hear dogs whining in the background, begging for money and threatening to convert him into dog chow.

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