‘Pay attention to Brexit!’ As the UK sends its largest carrier strike group to Asia’s waters, North Korea lashes out.


‘Pay attention to Brexit!’ As the UK sends its largest carrier strike group to Asia’s waters, North Korea lashes out.

NORTH KOREA has launched a scathing attack on the United Kingdom after the latter said it will deploy two ships in the Asia-Pacific on a permanent basis.

Last month, Britain announced that two warships would be deployed in Asian waters, with the HMS Queen Elizabeth and escort ships sailing to Japan next month through the hotly contested region. According to the British Embassy in Tokyo, the British ships will not have a permanent base.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry has reacted angrily to the decision, arguing that London should concentrate on Brexit rather than “restoring its falling status.”

“The UK, which is exacerbating the situation by sending warships into the faraway Asia-Pacific region, is using our ‘threat’ as an excuse,” the ministry said in a statement.

Britain’s actions were described as “dangerous” and “provocative.”

The UK is acting on a “absurd bet” that North Korea and China are working together to isolate South Korea and Japan, according to the statement.

Britain is attempting to “restore its diminishing stature,” according to Kim Jong-secretive un’s country, but its approach will only provoke hostility from other countries.

They cautioned that it might exacerbate a “tense situation” in Asia-Pacific.

“It would be better for the UK to focus on the difficult Brexit outcome rather than imperil others excessively to achieve its political goals,” the statement said.

Their remarks follow Britain’s announcement of a permanent deployment of ships in the disputed area.

Ben Wallace, the British military minister, confirmed the news alongside his Japanese counterpart, Nobuo Kishi, in a joint statement.

“Following the maiden deployment of the strike group, the United Kingdom will permanently assign two ships to the region later this year,” he said.

“We reiterated our shared position that we vehemently reject attempts to change the status quo through coercion and the necessity of a free and open Indo-Pacific based on the rule of law,” Mr Kishi said.

According to Mr Kishi, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and its escort ships will split up for separate port stops to US and Japanese navy sites.

A Pentagon spokeswoman praised Britain’s “commitment to an interconnected network of allies and partners, who mutually collaborate and promote freedom of navigation and a rules-based order in the Indo-Pacific area” in a statement about the deployment.

Two destroyers, two frigates, two support vessels, and ships from the United States and the Netherlands are accompanying HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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