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Pauline Hanson slams Black Lives Matter protesters as ‘thugs and bullies’

Pauline Hanson has slammed Black Lives Matter protesters as ‘thugs and bullies’ after a video emerged of the group descending on a woman eating at a cafe on Monday night. 

The video shows the protesters heckling Lauren B. Victor, 49, at a Washington D.C restaurant after she refused to raise her fist at the command of the group. 

Ms Victor said she supports the BLM movement, however, did not go along with the demands of the group even after her dining companion complied. 

‘BLM are nothing but thugs and bullies’, Ms Hanson said on Wednesday. 

Ms Hanson said the video was the latest example of the group being willing to use ‘violence and intimidation’ in their activities. 

The demonstration began earlier on Monday evening in Washington D.C. to protest the shooting of a black man, Jacob Blake, in Wisconsin and proceeded through the city’s entertainment district taking aim at diners. 

‘White silence is violence,’ the protesters can be heard chanting on the video. 

‘Are you a Christian?’ one woman can be heard yelling at Ms Victor as other members of the crowd point at and heckle the woman. 

‘I felt like I was under attack,’ the urban planner and photographer said in an interview with The Washington Post who were at the protest. 

‘In the moment, it didn’t feel right,’ she stated. 

‘I wasn’t actually frightened. I didn’t think they’d do anything to me. I’m very much with them. I’ve been marching with them for weeks and weeks and weeks.’  

The footage of the incident has since gone viral prompting commentators to question if the tactic undermined the movement’s message. 

‘Just look at how this mob aggressively berates this woman, who was simply trying to eat her dinner at a cafe, just because she refused to bend the knee to their threats,’ Ms Hanson said. 

‘Good on her! We would be a lot better off if some of the gutless politicians in the Liberal and Labor parties had the same courage.’

‘I am proud to say One Nation has always been ready to call out BLM for its thuggery and lies, it is time the other parties did the same.’  

She claimed those who had ‘bought into the lies peddled by the BLM Marxists’ should be ‘ashamed of themselves’. 

Commenters on Ms Hanson’s post also did not hold back at the protesters. 

‘They have lost all credibility,’ one woman said. 

‘Totally agree Pauline enough is enough and good on you calling out the pollies who haven’t said a word,’ another said. 

‘This is disgusting behaviour, they are bullies and thugs. An innocent woman having lunch, hope it doesn’t get that bad here,’ added a third. 

The footage has garnered criticism from both conservative and liberal commentators after being shared online.  

Responding to the clip, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough described the activists as ‘horrible people’. 

‘I see no black faces at all. These dopes will ruin this movement for all of us,’ African-American TV anchor Derek McGinty wrote. 

Conservative American commentator Candace Owens has previously criticised the protesters saying the movement has become co-opted by other groups with their own agendas. 

‘On their website they tell you essentially they are Marxist, they think there is something fundamentally wrong with western society,’ Ms Owens, a 31-year-old African-American woman, previously told Sky News. 

Ms Owens claimed the movement has become a ‘costume for white liberals to wear’ who want to bring about upheaval of the existing political system.  

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