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Paul Burrell defends Prince William after claims Prince Harry branded him a ‘snob’

Paul Burrell has defended Prince William following claims Prince Harry branded him a ‘snob’ after cautioned him not to rush into marrying Meghan Markle.  

The 62-year-old, who was butler to the late Princess Diana, has insisted that the Duke of Cambridge, 38, is categorically ‘not a snob’ and that he would have simply been ‘showing concern’ for his brother, because marrying into the monarchy is ‘not easy for anyone’. 

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today via video link from his Cheshire home, Paul said that William is ‘rational and calm’ where Harry, 35, is ‘fiery and hot’ and argued that William was only trying to ‘educate’ his brother before marrying Meghan, 38.

The claims, made in the book Finding Freedom, alledge that William told his brother to ‘take as much time as he needed’ to get to know ‘this girl’ Meghan ahead of marrying her. 

‘William is not a snob,’ said Paul, ‘That is not true. He would only show concern for  his brother marrying someone and bringing them into the royal family.  

‘Trying to educate him, saying. “It’s not easy for anyone marrying into this family and I’m concerned about you”. And showing his concern. We’re talking about two very different personalities. William is rational and calm and Harry is fiery and hot.’ 

Burrell, 60, served as a footman for the Queen and later butler to Diana for 10 years until her death in 1997 and told that Meghan will have come up against the same ‘grey suits’ as the late Princess of Wales.  

He went on: ‘Meghan soon found out she would come up against the grey suits. 

‘As Diana found, they’re the people that run the other households in the royal families and you can’t come across those because those are the people that run the show.’ 

He added: ‘Meghan soon found out she had to please everyone, she wasn’t just marrying Harry. She was marrying a whole institution, a thousand years of royal history.’ 

He went on to predict that in the absence of Diana, the Duchess of Cambridge could be the person to ‘fill the void’ between Harry and William, and bring the pair back together. 

‘Of course there is a void between them now’, told Paul, ‘That should be filled by their mother, but of course their mother is not here. 

‘I would like to think maybe Kate will step into the void and bring those boys back together, they will come back together, they will be together they belong together and I hate to see them apart.’ 

The claims came in book Finding Freedom which provides an intimately detailed and personalised version of the events leading up to the Sussexes’ dramatic departure from royal life. 

Co-authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have ‘all information in this book has at least two sources’. Harry and Meghan deny giving interviews.

Emily Andrews, The Mail on Sunday’s royal editor also appeared, and told that while the pair are both respected journalists, it’s likely Harry and Meghan granted some access to the authors ahead of the book. 

She said: ‘Both authors are well respected royal journalist, particularly Carolyn, their pedigree is good.’ 

‘I think it’s obvious from the exerts we have seen so far, that the couple, Harry and Meghan, did help and and did grant some access. 

‘Whether it was giving friends blessings to speak, because the book gives Harry and Meghan’s version of events for the first time.’ 

Meanwhile PR guru Nick Ede also appeared and agreed that Finding Freedo was coming from ‘the right people with the right messages’. 

He told: ‘Harry and Meghan are known for suing everyone left right and centre, I know she knows Omid and that Omid had her ear. 

‘These are revelations which are coming from the right people with the right messages, they feel like they had to get out.

‘What this is is an open letter, especially from Meghan who has come from Hollywood, who is used to using her voice and likes hearing her voice, and she hasn’t been able to do that for two years.’ 

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