PAUL BALDWIN says Prince William should thank his lucky stars he has Kate by his side instead of Meghan.


PAUL BALDWIN says Prince William should thank his lucky stars he has Kate by his side instead of Meghan.

MEGHAN, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Carrie Johnson are two women who rose through the ranks by sleeping their way to the top, and neither of them has a genuine profession.

Look away from me! That is something I would never write. Camilla Long, the incredibly successful and actually extremely outstanding writer who writes for The Sunday Times, said those remarks. Her general point was that in a society full of bright women, it was unusual that three of the most powerful women in the world would be virtually unknown if they hadn’t jumped into bed with their high-profile males. There will be no influence if there is no nookie.

And, so to be clear, the year is 2021, not 1521.

The argument went on to say that these women were perceived (and delighted to be seen) as supporting their husbands. The guys had the right jobs, and they were the ones who did the real work.

While I agree that the relationship between sex and power is strange and embarrassing in what we blithely accept as a contemporary and equal Britain, I believe it is incorrect and unfair to club the three ladies together solely because their husbands are well-known.

Although they are of the same gender, their impact is vastly different.

Let’s start with Meghan (of course, let’s start with Meghan).

Yes, if Meghan is just “Suits star Meghan” and not the Duchess of Sussex, wife of Prince Harry, she isn’t launching the stupid and ill-conceived 40-at-40 campaign she announced on her birthday last week. And this is because the world’s working women would be much less interested in the convoluted scheme and even more angry at being lectured by a multi-millionaire with her husband’s money guaranteed for life.

I recently compared Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to royal Jedward, with all the implications it entails. In fact, I now consider the comparison to the Jedward boys to be unjust.

They do, at the very least, contribute their time and energy to support the Irish NSPCC, a non-profit organization with a demonstrated track record of doing good.

Meghan’s new “project” reeks of haphazard philanthropy with a healthy dose of “look at me!”


The most you can say about her is that she resembles a 19th century heroine, loftily yearning to do good but unsure why or how.

And, indeed, how does a millionaire make a million? “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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