Patrick Christys, anchor of GB News, is enraged by the drive for higher education, which he calls “total rubbish.”


Patrick Christys, anchor of GB News, is enraged by the drive for higher education, which he calls “total rubbish.”

Patrick Christys, a presenter on GB NEWS, slammed the notion that British children should focus on going to university rather than gaining other skills to be successful.

Patrick Christys of GB News went on a rage-filled rant about education and the drive to go to university. Mr Christys suggested that there were more ways to be successful than going to university as thousands of children around the country received their A-level results. He emphasized that individuals that attend may end up in substantial debt while there are other ways to be financially secure in other fields.

“Children have been given the idea that if you don’t go to university, you’re a failure,” Mr Christys added.

“That is complete and utter nonsense.”

“University is not for everyone, and we must stop stigmatizing those who refuse to attend.

“It’s not a lack of intelligence; in fact, it could be the most clever thing you’ve ever done.

“At 18, you can go out and get a job, work hard, and not be in debt; by 21, you might have even established your own business and put down a down payment on a property.

“If you ask me, that was a fairly good move.”

Mr Christys claimed that young people might achieve success in a variety of ways without going to university.

“I am not advocating a return to the secondary contemporary grammar school system,” he stated.

“However, why aren’t we encouraging more individuals to learn a useful skill?

“We keep hearing that we have a skills deficit and that we need to import workers from all over the world because we can’t produce enough of our own.”

“Physics and Chemistry aren’t for everyone; why should children who aren’t succeeding in our existing system be forced to suffer through years of grueling classes when they could be studying a practical trade?”

He ended by sending a message to all of the students who would be receiving exam results today.

“I have a message for all those young adults who are opening their A-level results today,” he remarked.

“If things don’t work out, don’t believe the idea that you have to go to university to be successful.

“You’ll be alright; in fact, you might even be better off.”


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