Patients who object to trans offenders on female wards have been reported to the police, causing havoc in the NHS.


Patients who object to trans offenders on female wards have been reported to the police, causing havoc in the NHS.

According to GB News’ Andrew Doyle, anger has erupted when it was disclosed that some NHS rules warn that patients who object to trans sex offenders being placed on female hospital wards might be “reported to police” and even considered “racist.”

Mr Doyle, who hosts the channel’s ‘Free Speech Nation,’ explained to GB News how guidelines from some NHS trusts dating back to 2019 reveal that it is a “hate crime” for patients to raise concerns about trans sex offenders and trans women being placed on female-only wards, and that they can even be “reported to police” as “racists.” After a risk assessment, certain hospital trusts have instructed staff that male-born sex offenders who identify as women can be treated on female-only NHS wards and use facilities such as showers and toilets, according to the Telegraph newspaper. Campaigners have expressed outrage at the decision, claiming that it puts women’s safety in jeopardy, while colleague host Colin Brazier has expressed worry for the vulnerable.

“There isn’t an uniform strategy coming from the Department of Health,” Mr Doyle added.

“What’s noteworthy is that they all seem to agree that a patient should be brought to wards with showers and toilets…

“On the basis of their gender identity, which is distinct from biological sex.

“Over twenty recommendations from various trusts have been examined by the Telegraph.”

But, in a startling turn of events, Mr Doyle revealed an even more startling revelation.

“They discovered that some of them have been stating that any patients who object to someone based on their identify should be reported to the police for hate crime,” he said.

“And in these trust documents, there are even official rules comparing them to racists!”

“It’s written in the rules!” So there’s a problem there!”

The news comes after hospitals in Devon, Oxford, and Nottinghamshire declared that a criminal background should be considered as part of an evaluation when placing trans patients on wards with women, but that it should not bar admission in all situations – a move that has outraged trans rights activists.

The “risk of sexual offense in a trans situation is quite rare,” according to Oxford Health NHS Foundation guidance.

While the Devon Partnership NHS Trust claims that its hospital patients “shall be admitted depending on the gender that they.”


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