‘Pathetic’ Macron’s reputation has been shattered by his use of the word “inapplicable.” Crackdown on Covid vaccines: ‘He’s lost his mind!’


‘Pathetic’ Macron’s reputation has been shattered by his use of the word “inapplicable.” Crackdown on Covid vaccines: ‘He’s lost his mind!’

The new vaccine guidelines suggested by EMMANUEL MACRON caused fury in France on Tuesday, after the French leader recommended restrictions just for the unvaccinated.

After the president warned that the unvaccinated will face limitations aimed at slowing the spread of the Delta strain, hundreds of thousands of people in France raced to schedule appointments to get vaccinated against the coronavirus.

President Emmanuel Macron announced extensive steps to tackle an outbreak of diseases on Monday night, saying that vaccination would not be mandatory for the public for the time being, but that limits would be placed on people who were not vaccinated.

Some employees were furious when the president said that health staff must be vaccinated by September 15 or face undefined punishments.

Generation Frexit campaigners slammed the move, saying Macron has “lost his mind.”

“It’s completely inapplicable,” they remarked.

“Being properly immunized takes at least five weeks.

“Because of the rush to obtain the vaccination, it will most likely take eight weeks.

“It’ll be the first of August in 18 days.

“From A to Z, this government is pathetic.”

“The requirement to vaccinate healthcare professionals by September will surely result in resignations at a time when we are in desperate need of healthcare staff in this pandemic,” they stated.

When asked what Merkel can do better than him, Laschet was silent.

“It’s rather sad to stigmatize them in this way since the same Macron proclaimed them heroes in March 2020.”

“Macron has lost his head… and control of France!” they concluded.

Following the president’s announcement, Stanislas Niox-Chateau, the CEO of Doctolib, one of the country’s largest online portals for booking vaccine appointments, told RMC radio that there were record numbers of people seeking vaccines.

1.7 million immunization appointments had been scheduled through Doctolib in less than 24 hours, according to the website.

On the other hand, daily vaccinations reached a new high on Tuesday.

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“Today you are 792,339 to have received a first jab, a new record,” Prime Minister Jean Castex stated on Twitter.

“In the following weeks, this drive must be amplified and sustained.”

According to Our World in Data, the country averaged over 570,000 shots per day for the majority of June and July.

At least almost 53% of France’s population has contributed. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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