Patel is chastised for’making it up as she goes along,’ while Davis criticizes the migrant plan as ‘expensive.’


Patel is chastised for’making it up as she goes along,’ while Davis criticizes the migrant plan as ‘expensive.’

David Davis has slammed PRITI PATEL’s policies aimed at reducing the number of migrants crossing the Channel.

The Home Office has been chastised for promoting “macho-sounding” plans to reduce the number of migrants arriving in the UK by sea. Former ministers have called the department’s policies to reduce Channel crossings “unworkable” and “impractical.”

The ministers are referring to the most recent of Priti Patel’s department’s proposals.

On Thursday, the media were leaked government proposals indicating that ministers were in talks with Albania to form an agreement that would see asylum seekers who had crossed the Channel flown 1,500 miles to the eastern European country to be processed offshore.

The Albanian ambassador to the United Kingdom, Qirjako Qirko, told The Independent that the reports were “completely false” and that such a deal would “never happen” because it would be “in violation of international law.”

Former ministers, despite this, were quick to criticize the Home Secretary and her department for the “fundamentally flawed” scheme.

David Davis, the Conservative MP for Haltemprice and Howden, expressed his displeasure with the plans on Twitter, calling them “expensive” and “flawed.”

“Offshoring Channel migrants would be expensive, ineffective, and simply unworkable,” Mr Davis wrote to his 181.4k followers in an email.

“This macho-sounding policy has major flaws.

“This aspect of the Nationality and Borders Bill needs to be seriously reconsidered by the government.”

From 2003 to 2008, Mr Davis was the Conservative Party’s shadow immigration minister.

He told The Independent that he believes his party is “underestimating the intelligence of voters” by putting forward “unworkable” policies.

He calls the policy’s floating “patronizing.”

He also claims that the government’s “very firm and strong language” on Channel crossings “increased the size of the political issue.”

Lord David Blunkett added insult to injury by claiming that Ms Patel was “making it up as she goes along” when it came to asylum policies.

Lord Blunkett, who was Home Secretary under Tony Blair from 2001 to 2004, claims that her ideas were “explored 20 years ago” and that “none of them added up to either a practical or coherent plan.”

An unnamed former senior Home Office immigration official also weighed in on the Albania proposal, calling it “utterly impractical and ludicrous.”

“Headline-grabbing” was how they described the plan.

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