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Parents warned about deadly drug-laced ‘sweets’ disguised as Nerds candy and pedalled to teens online

The “Nerd Rope” sweets – infused with cannabis and ecstasy – look very similar to the popular children’s treats but contain a “super potent blend” of drugs.

They are being peddled to youngsters online by teenage dealers – as part of a worrying new “edibles” trend where drugs are disguised as sweets.

After a brief search, the Sun Online found websites selling “medicated” Nerds with up to 6000mg of cannabis.

The brightly coloured sweets come in four flavours with different drug strengths and could easily be mistaken for the normal sweets. 

The illegal Nerds Ropes could be bought online, from sites with no proper checks or age restrictions, for £42 a pack.

It raises concerns kids could easily purchase the drugs, with cops warning against the dangers.

North Yorkshire PC Lauren Green said: “We want to make parents and carers aware that we have seen a rise in young people being in possession of drug-infused sweets known as “edibles”.

“They can look very similar to well-known sweets such as Haribo, Smarties and chocolate bars. Edibles can be laced with illegal drugs such as cannabis and MDMA.

“Unregulated sweets like these are dangerous as we don’t know what levels of drugs they contain.

“They are available to buy on the internet and so could easily be obtained by young people, especially at this time when they are using the internet more than ever due to the coronavirus restrictions.”

Police issued further warnings urging parents to stay alert after officers seized drugs and weapons in a major Yorkshire raid on Friday

Officers stormed three Harrogate premises on August 21 and confiscated Nerds labelled as containing cannabis along with cash, mobile phones, drugs and weapons.

A North Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “[Police] seized what they suspect as cannabis infused Nerd sweets and are warning parents to be alert to the possibility that young people in the area may have bought them.”

The raids were carried as part of Operation Needle, formed to crack down on drug dealing in the Yorkshire town. 

Two men aged 18 and 24 and three boys – two aged 17 and one 16-year-old – were arrested in connection with the incidents.

The 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of class A drugs, being concerned in the supply of cannabis and money laundering.

The news comes after Bradford police seized large amounts of cannabis-infused Nerds sweets last month, along with high-tech packaging equipment. 

And in early July, a teenage girl was rushed to hospital in Castleford after feasting on a Nerds Rope laced with amphetamine. 

Chief Inspector Chris Norbury of Wakefield District Police said: “Although this is an isolated case, we want to warn teenagers and parents of the dangers of taking laced ‘Nerd Rope’.

“It may look like a sweet but taking it could be dangerous and not to mention it is illegal.

“We are working with our partners and youth services to raise awareness of this drug and to educate our youngsters on the dangers of taking it.”

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