Panic when a primary school is placed on lockdown following an armed police response to a “threatened guy.”


Panic when a primary school is placed on lockdown following an armed police response to a “threatened guy.”

After police reacted to allegations of a “threatened man,” a PRIMARY school was placed on lockdown this morning.

Due to the incident this morning, St Stephen’s Church of England and Infant School was compelled to keep students in their classrooms. Following complaints of a strange guy in the neighborhood, the police were dispatched. This morning, police verified that a guy had been seen acting suspiciously toward members of the public.

The incident happened on Lansdown Road in Soundwell, and the Somerset and Avon Police were called.

A school employee told BristolLive that the lockdown began at 11:15 a.m. today.

Witnesses reportedly reported seeing a police aircraft circling the area.

“Police are in attendance at Kingswood following reports of a man displaying threatening behavior towards members of the public on Church Road, near Kingswood Leisure Centre,” the police said in a statement.

“Armed officers were dispatched due to the seriousness of the threat.

“We’d want to reassure parents and guardians that the man is thought to have departed the school area, and there is no ongoing threat to the school.

“At this time, we would encourage them to refrain from going to school.”

Police announced that an arrest had been made following the incident this morning.

The individual is believed to have caused no harm to any members of the public in the neighborhood.

Neighborhood policemen will now be stationed near the school, according to police.

The police helicopter, which had been in the vicinity for 45 minutes, has also left.

Today’s event follows the arrest of 49 people at the Euro 2020 final policing in London.

During the incident, a total of 19 cops were hurt.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Jane Connors, on the other hand, denied that the police operation had failed.

“Police commanders deployed one of the most major and thorough policing plans the Met has ever committed to a football match of this scale ahead of the final,” she added in a statement.

“I have no doubt that their quick intervention averted a worsening of the situation.

“I refuse to believe that the policing operation was a failure, and I stand by the difficult decisions made by police officers and public order commanders from the Metropolitan Police Service.

“Without their prompt action, this game may have been abandoned.”


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