Palace retaliates! The Prince of Wales did not ‘snub’ Italy in the Euro 2020 final, according to a new statement.


Palace retaliates! The Prince of Wales did not ‘snub’ Italy in the Euro 2020 final, according to a new statement.

The notion that Prince William “snubbed” Italy following their Euro 2020 final victory over England has been refuted by both UEFA and Kensington Palace.

The Duke of Cambridge, Prince George, and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, attended England’s first international final in 55 years at Wembley Stadium. William, who is also the president of the English Football Association, is said to have fled the stadium before Italy could get their trophy.

William did not quickly shake the hand of Italian President Sergio Mattarella, according to Italian football enthusiasts.

Moments after Italy’s triumph, footage from the royal box shows the prince glancing across to the President.

He appears to be intercepted by another individual before he has the opportunity to move over.

It’s unclear whether the two spoke off-camera or later that evening.

Some Italian fans chastised William and Kate for the alleged snub.

“William and Kate leaving the stadium before the awards ceremony is ridiculous,” one person said.

UEFA and Kensington Palace, on the other hand, have insisted that the Duke stay throughout.

“The trophy ceremony took place, as is customary for such presentations, in the presence of the UEFA President, UEFA General Secretary, and the two Presidents of the participating national organizations, namely The FA and FIGC,” a UEFA spokesperson told the Daily Mirror.

Following Italy’s defeat, William used Kensington Palace Twitter to express his sympathies to England.

“Heartbreaking,” he wrote. Congratulations on a fantastic victory, Azzurri.

“England, you’ve all come so far, but it wasn’t our day this time.

“I know there’s more to come, so hold your heads up and be proud of yourselves.”

Following the defeat, England manager Gareth Southgate said that the Duke of Edinburgh paid a visit to the team.

“At the moment, the guys are naturally quite quiet,” he remarked.

“The Duke (of Cambridge) has paid them a visit in the dressing room and has rightfully praised them for their efforts and lavished praise on them.”

Following a barrage of “harsh” social media criticism, royal author Robert Jobson proposed that George, 7, be kept “out of the limelight.”

“With George, he got quite a bit of social media attention,” he remarked on Australia’s Sunrise TV show.

“Some people chastised him for wearing a shirt and tie like his father, which I thought was unfair.

Brinkwire Summary News” says, “He has been.”


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