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Paedophile jailed for life after ‘manipulating’ women into filming themselves abusing children 

A paedophile who manipulated women he met online into filming themselves committing horrific acts of child abuse was today jailed for life.

A judge told sexual predator James Jewell he posed such a danger to children that he must serve at least six years and eight months before he can apply for parole.

It was initially feared by police that they were investigating a potential paedophile ring in which the 36-year-old may have targeted more than 200 women.

A court heard that Jewell and one woman in particular who fulfilled his depraved requests referred to each other as ‘master and slave’.

Kristy Kimber, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, filmed herself sexually abusing a child before sending the sickening videos to Jewell via WhatsApp.

The evil pair’s depraved behaviour came to light when a work colleague, having been asked by Kimber to fix her phone, found one of the deviant movies and alerted Kent Police.

This led to the arrests of Jewell, from Puddletown in Dorchester, Dorset, and 26-year-old Kimber, in 2018.

She later admitted 15 child sex offences and was jailed for just over nine years in January last year.

Jewell’s involvement however was part of a wider police probe lasting two years and it was not until April that he pleaded guilty to 14 charges which occurred between November 2017 and July 2018.

He admitted eight offences of aiding, abetting, causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity, one of aiding and abetting sexual assault of a child, two offences of distributing indecent moving images of children, and three offences of making a total of 139 indecent photographs of children.

Appearing at Maidstone Crown Court, Kent, yesterday, Jewell was told by Judge David Griffith-Jones QC he had indulged in ‘breathtaking extremes of depravity’ by ‘corrupting and manipulating’ women.

‘This catalogue of offences involved the instigation of systematic abuse. You were instrumental in causing them to be committed,’ he said.

‘There was a disturbing pattern of communication with various women in which you appeared to be the dominant and controlling one, and the women very much subserviant to you.

‘It has to be said that the extremes of depravity that these offences reveal is frankly breathtaking.

‘You plainly took advantage and corrupted Ms Kimber. She was under your control. You were the directing mind in relation to the infliction of this appalling abuse.’

The judge also told Jewell he had an ‘utter lack of empathy, insight and remorse’ for the suffering of the child victims.

‘You deprived pleasure from seeing a child being sexually abused and treated the child as a commodity to satisfy your deviant psychosexual needs,’ he said.

Prosecutor Oliver Dunkin told the court that Jewell ‘quickly made it clear’ to Kimber when they met through online bondage and sadomasochism chatrooms that he also had a strong sexual interest in children and ‘abuse of all kinds’.

‘He asserted he was the master of Kristy Kimber and she was his slave and should obey his commands to please him,’ he said.

‘For a number of months he made a number of requests for her to engage in sexual activity (with children), to film it and send it to him.

‘It was clear from the chatlogs and videos that Kimber complied with those requests.’

The court heard the WhatsApp conversations between Jewell, Kimber and a second woman ran to hundreds of pages and were ‘at the heart’ of the case.

They contained references to grooming, bribing and even threats to ‘fully rape’ a child.

‘He was acting as some sort of quasi master on internet chat sites for bondage, sadomasochism and paedophilia,’ continued Mr Dunkin.

‘He was directing women to behave in a deplorable way with children, which was fimed and sent to him.

‘He acted as a director of this abuse. They referred to him as ‘master’.’

The court heard Jewell also sent two videos to Kimber which showed the second woman abusing a child.

Following his arrest he told police that although he was in a relationship with Kimber, he could neither recall requesting her to send him the explicit videos nor their specific content.

However, the prosecutor said such a stance was ‘somewhat absurd’ given the volume of chatlogs between them and their content.

Judge Griffith-Jones previously jailed Kimber for nine years and four months for what he described as an ‘extraordinarily wicked catalogue of offences’.

She was said to suffer from a sexual masochism disorder and paraphilia – a condition involving abnormal or extreme sexual desires.

The videos on her phone lasted between several seconds and up to almost three minutes. Some showed the young victim, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, ‘distressed and crying’.

The second woman who abused a child at Jewell’s request was charged, convicted and given a suspended sentence at London’s Woolwich Crown Court in July last year.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Karl Brett said: ‘Jewell is a dangerous man who coerced these women to carry out this abuse for his own gratification.

‘He managed to convince them to engage in these heinous crimes which were committed against young children and the trauma caused to these children cannot be underestimated.

‘I would encourage anyone with concerns of a similar nature to contact Kent Police so officers can investigate and safeguard children if required.’

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