Oxford University’s president launches a new Brexit attack on Gove, calling him “embarrassed.”


Oxford University’s president launches a new Brexit attack on Gove, calling him “embarrassed.”

Following remarks he made during the Brexit referendum, OXFORD UNIVERSITY’S vice-chancellor stated she is “embarrassed” that Michael Gove studied there.

The explosive remarks were made during a panel session last night by the chief of the UK’s oldest institution. Prof Louise Richardson slammed the Cabinet minister, claiming that people “had had enough of experts” during the 2016 election campaign.

Mr. Gove made the remarks three weeks before the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union.

Following a chorus of establishment leaders and organizations criticizing the Brexit spring campaign, the then-Justice Secretary urged the British people to “trust themselves.”

“I’m asking the British population to reclaim control of our destiny from remote, unaccountable, elitist organizations that don’t have [the public’s]interests at heart,” he said.

The remark is one of the most well-known moments of the 2016 campaign.

Prof Richardson, who spoke on a panel with vice-chancellors from around the world yesterday, said the epidemic had demonstrated the value of expertise.

“Michael Gove, the British Cabinet minister whom I am embarrassed to admit we schooled, famously declared after it was pointed out to him by a journalist that all the experts opposed Brexit, ‘Oh we’ve had enough of experts,’” she said, criticizing Mr Gove.

“It appears that the public can’t get enough of experts when it comes to the vaccine.

“A lot of our scientists have become well-known.

“We have proved how much universities can contribute through vaccine work, medicinal development, and so on, and that is immensely useful to our cause.”

In the 1980s, Mr Gove studied English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford.

He initially met Boris Johnson at the university, where he assisted in his election as President of the Oxford Union.

One year later, Mr Gove took on the role himself.

Prof Richardson’s intervention at yesterday’s panel, which took place at Times Higher Education’s World Academic Summit, puts the University of Oxford at risk of being chastised again for its EU support.

Brexit supporters have long claimed that the UK’s best institutions are too closely linked to Brussels.

The University of Oxford got £74 million in EU funds the year before the referendum.

The hefty figure amounted to 14% of the company’s research budget.

Prof Richardson did admit, however, that universities had an issue with public perception. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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