Oxford/AZ scientists praised Prince Harry’s address, saying it “said everything we wanted to say!”


Oxford/AZ scientists praised Prince Harry’s address, saying it “said everything we wanted to say!”

The senior scientists behind the Oxford/Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccination complimented Prince Harry for saying “all of the things we intended to say” in his most recent public appearance.

Dr. Catherine Green and Dame Sarah Gilbert praised Prince Harry for presenting a message on vaccine equity that they totally support. The Duke of Sussex made an unexpected appearance at the GQ Men of the Year Awards earlier this week.

Harry did not go across the pond to attend the event in London, instead calling in from his California estate.

The Duke, dressed in a tuxedo, awarded the GQ Heroes of the Year Award to Dr Catherine Green, Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, and the Oxford/AZ vaccination team.

In his speech, Harry stressed the importance of offering the coronavirus vaccine to everyone in the world in order to stop the pandemic.

And the two main scientists in attendance at the awards agreed wholeheartedly with his statement.

Following the ceremony, Dr. Green expressed his gratitude to Prince Harry for presenting him with the medal.

“I know, we had no idea it was going to happen,” she explained.

“All of a sudden, Prince Harry appears on stage and says what we wanted to say about the critical need to distribute the vaccination to everyone in the world, regardless of their capacity to pay. “This is an extremely important message.”

“Yes, because we won’t be safe until everyone is safe, and it’s critical to distribute the vaccination to everyone around the world,” Dame Sarah replied.

Dame Sarah and Dr. Green’s team created a COVID-19 vaccination that is significantly less expensive and can be stored at greater temperatures than existing COVID-19 vaccines.

As Dame Sarah said during a video conference with Prince William in late November last year, shortly after it was reported that the Oxford/AZ jab had been pronounced extremely successful, these properties allow it to be distributed more easily over the world.

“This vaccine should achieve what we have always intended it to do, we wanted a vaccine for the world, not just for high-income nations, not just for this country,” she told the Duke of Cambridge via video call in June 2020, after he visited the Oxford lab to learn more about the vaccine.

“Until we are all safe, we are not safe.”

Prince Harry delivered a similar warning in his address, titled “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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