Owners of ‘unaffordable’ electric automobiles make fun of people who have to line for gas.


Owners of ‘unaffordable’ electric automobiles make fun of people who have to line for gas.

ELECTRIC car owners criticized petrol-fueled car drivers on social media after footage emerged of motorists queuing for gas at filling stations around the United Kingdom.

“There’s smug, and then there’s ‘I have an electric car’ smug,” one Twitter user observed after one Labour MP said he was “happy he had switched to electric.” Meanwhile, recent evidence shows that electric vehicle sales have increased dramatically this month compared to last year.

Overnight, the chaos at the pumps continued unabated, with many filling stations around the country running dry.

Ministers today dismissed claims that Boris Johnson failed to mobilize the Army swiftly enough as the fuel crisis continued to worsen.

According to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, instructing troops to begin preparing for deliveries is the 18th distinct move taken by the government to relieve supply pressure since the spring.

He did agree, though, that Brexit had “without a doubt” played a role in the current lorry driver shortage.

Many Twitter users rubbed salt in the wound by posting a slew of memes including Tom Cruise, Leonardo Di Caprio, and even Kermit the Frog with the phrase “Electric vehicle owners right now.”

“Seeing enormous lineups and shuttered petrol pumps, glad I switched to electric car last year,” Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, Labour MP for Slough, tweeted.

There’s smug and then there’s smug that says, “I have an electric car.”

Evans, John

“There’s smug and there’s ‘I have an electric car’ smug,” John Evans responded.

“I’m not sure Labour could have handled the issue any better, from COVID-19 to food and petrol shortages,” Zara Arif remarked.

“Most of us can’t afford electric cars, and Slough doesn’t have the infrastructure to support them.”

Mr Dhesi, on the other hand, had his admirers.

“I thought an EV was prohibitive, but when you take in the running costs, or lack thereof, my new EV works out the same price (on a four-year PCP) as buying a three-year-old automatic petrol car,” Claire Wright wrote (I have osteoarthritis).

“I’m already saving £150 per month on gasoline and ‘vehicle tax.’ Take a look at the big picture.” Meanwhile, in the middle of the current crisis, sales and interest in electric cars have increased across the UK, with one company reporting a 228.57. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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