Overfishing by EU fishermen has left Spain reliant on Scotland.


As EU fishermen shoot themselves in the foot with overfishing, Spain is left completely reliant on Scotland.

After years of overfishing in Spanish waters, a Hebridean fisherman claims that Spain’s fishermen are now reliant on Scotland for shellfish stock.

Spain now relies on Scotland for fishing stock because the Scottish isles provide the ideal environment for shellfish to thrive.

While the debate over fishing regulations in the aftermath of Brexit rages, a new documentary revealed that Spanish fishermen have been struggling due to overfishing in their waters, forcing them to rely on Scottish waters.

Remainers predicted that Britain’s fishing industry would collapse if it left the EU, but the government recently announced that Brixham Fish Market had a revenue of 35.8 million pounds.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a big market in Britain or in Scotland for velvet crab,” said Scottish fisherman Aonghas Caimbeul in the BBC documentary Maorach – Hebridean Shellfish.

“It is primarily consumed by Spaniards.”

“I saw the stuff that was being landed in Northern Spain and they had enough velvet on their shores.”

“However, they overfished those grounds and removed all the velvet, which is why they began to come to us.”

At the start of the pandemic, dozens of Spanish and French vessels swarmed Scottish waters, hoping to “capitalize” on local boats forced to scale back their operations.

“Over time what we have seen is a polarization of non-UK vessels moving north into Scottish seas,” Mike Park, Chief Executive Officer of the Scottish White Fish Producers Association (SWFPA), told This website last year.

“There are several reasons for this, but the most important reason for French line and gillnet vessels moving north is that there is a parasite entity in the flesh of the fish further south, which lowers the price.”

“What we’ve seen is a northward movement of these vessels into Scottish waters.”

Despite the UK’s economic growth from the fishing industry on its shores, former Brexit Party MEP June Mummery expressed her dissatisfaction with the fishing deal struck by Boris Johnson’s government.

“If we had reclaimed control of our waters, the UK would have the world’s most sustainable fishing industry,” Ms Mummery said.

“In British waters, the EU takes 80% of the fish.”

“1700 EU vessels plundering,” Ms Mummery added, “eight of which are supertrawlers.”

Ms Mummery also claimed that European fishermen have taken over half of the fish caught off the coasts of the United Kingdom.

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