Overbreeding has left a little puppy without eyes, and he is looking for a new home.


Overbreeding has left a little puppy without eyes, and he is looking for a new home.

A ‘TOY DOG’ puppy born without eyes due to overbreeding and abandoned by its breeder at a rescue shelter is now searching for a new home.

Teacup was four weeks old when she arrived at the Big Fluffy Rescue Shelter in Nashville, Tennessee, in the United States on March 27. The little dog from Georgia, USA, was a mix between a Miniature Schnauzer and a Wheaten Terrier and weighed less than a bag of sugar (450g). Teacup is not only blind, but she was also born with her bladder stuck to her uterus and struggles to stay warm because of her size.

Teacup is presently being fostered by Nicole Butler, 38, a surgery coordinator from Columbia, Tennessee, until she can find a permanent home.

“I couldn’t believe how small she was, and I was so eager to get some food in her!” she added.

“Teacup is painless and has no idea that she is impaired because she has never experienced life without vision.

“No one told her she was special, so she behaves like any other joyful puppy, bumping into things now and then and continuing on her way.

“We always advise ‘adopt don’t shop,’ yet despite the phrase, people continue to support breeders.”

Teacup was fed wet puppy chow and goat’s milk formula through a syringe to keep her alive and gain weight.

This was made more difficult by the fact that the overbred dog had no suckle response, putting her at risk of malnutrition.

Teacup’s fur must also be regularly maintained and clipped around the area where her eyes should have been to avoid matting and infection.

Teacup’s mother weighed 9 pounds and her father weighed 11 pounds, and Big Fluffy Dog Rescue volunteers want to educate people about the hazards of ‘Tiny Dog’ mating.

“What they do is take the runts, or the smallest puppies from prior litters and breed them together to produce a smaller ‘Teacup’ or ‘Toy’ size,” Nicole added.

“Runts can have their own troubles, so breeding two of them together seems contradictory to me, yet toy breeds make the general public drool, and I’m sure they bring in huge cash.

“Unfortunately, for many of these breeders, money is more important than the health, temperament, and overall integrity of the bloodline.”

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