Over the row, Princess Anne advised to ‘give Sarah Ferguson a break.’


Over the row, Princess Anne advised to ‘give Sarah Ferguson a break.’

A documentary alleged that PRINCESS ANNE was warned to give Sarah Ferguson “a break” not long after the Duchess of York joined the Royal Family.

Last week, the Princess Royal traveled to Scotland for a series of public appearances in the Highlands.

She went to Oban to show her support for the Argyllshire Gathering Oban Games, where she gave medals and trophies to some of the victors.

The visit was kept a closely guarded secret due to security concerns.

Anne is recognized for her straightforward, no-nonsense approach to life.

Throughout her life, the Princess has been known for her forthright and occasionally off-handed approach.

This attitude was most evident in her relationship with Sarah Ferguson, the ex-wife of her brother Prince Andrew.

Sarah, commonly known as Fergie, had to modify everything when she joined the Firm, from her appearance to her public demeanor.

According to sources, she was given very little direction on how to do so.

As she continued to be informed what she was doing wrong but not what she should be doing, she turned to her new sister-in-law, Princess Diana, for help.

According to The Mirror, the Princess of Wales and Fergie met before she joined the royal family.

They met in their early adolescence and remained close friends well into adulthood.

Later, Diana acted as a matchmaker, introducing Fergie to Andrew.

Diana and Fergie aided in the transformation of the firm, introducing a new and more modern approach to the Royal Family that had not previously been seen.

Anne, on the other hand, is said to have disliked the modernizing because the modifications were unlike anything she had ever seen before.

Diana intervened to protect her friend when Anne complained about her, according to the Channel 5 documentary “Fergie vs Diana: Royal Wives at War.”

“Diana had quite a dispute with Princess Anne, who was fussing about something Fergie had done,” Richard Kay, editor-at-large of the Daily Mail, recalls.

“Diana spoke up for her and said what she needed to say.

Diana showed a lot of bravery.

“She basically said to Anne, ‘You’ve got to give her a break.’ Fergie is terrific for the family, but she, like me, is having trouble adjusting.’

Anne reportedly made Fergie cry over a family supper, according to another source.

‘Fergie: Brinkwire Summary News,’ said biographer David Leigh in a documentary.


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