Over safety concerns, the Queen will be protected by a 2,500ft ‘no-fly zone.’


Over safety concerns, the Queen will be protected by a 2,500-foot ‘no-fly zone.’

To increase security in the sky above Windsor Castle, the Queen’s residence in Berkshire will be protected by a no-fly zone.

Most aircraft will be prohibited from flying below 2,500 feet altitude within a 1.4-mile radius of Windsor Castle beginning January 27.

The Queen has lived in Berkshire for the past two years.

NATS – the UK Aeronautical Information Services – and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) jointly published an information notice in mid-December stating that it is necessary in the public interest to restrict flying in the vicinity of Windsor Castle “having regard for the significance of the security considerations associated with this location due to it being the residence of a member of the Royal Family.”

All aircraft except those operated by or on behalf of a member of the Royal Family, the National Police Air Service, the Helicopter Emergency Medical Services, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency during a search and rescue operation, and the Queen’s Helicopter Flight are subject to the ban.

Exemptions apply to aircraft “making an approach to or departing from London Heathrow Airport while under the control of London Terminal Control, Swanwick, or the air traffic control unit at London Heathrow Airport,” among other things.

For more information, this website contacted CAA.

The Authority did not respond to our request for comment.

If a plane breaches the no-fly zone and fails to respond to radio warnings, fighter jets may be dispatched.

The police guarding the castle grounds will also be given more authority to stop illegal drones, according to the Sun.

Last April, it was revealed that the Queen would benefit from a no-fly zone over Windsor Castle, after Thames Valley Police began a consultation on a “Restricted AirSpace Order.”

“As part of the Met Police’s responsibilities under the Royalty and Specialist Protection Command, the Met is responsible for policing within the footprint of Windsor Castle, and we work closely with Thames Valley Police to ensure the Castle and its surroundings are kept safe and secure,” a police spokesman said at the time.

“As part of our ongoing security review at Windsor Castle, we intend to apply for a Restricted Airspace Order for up to 2,500ft at a radius, working in partnership with Thames Valley Police.”

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