‘Over my dead body!’ exclaims the narrator. A Gibraltar politician has pledged to give Spain no more than a centimeter of The Roc.


‘Over my dead body!’ exclaims the narrator. A Gibraltar politician has pledged to give Spain no more than a centimeter of The Roc.

A GIBRALTAR lawmaker has vowed not to hand over “one millimetre” of The Rock to Spain, slamming any attempts by Madrid to usurp its sovereignty through Brexit.

Sir Joseph John Bossano chastised Spain for being the “sole impediment” to the decolonisation of the British Overseas Territory. He controversially stated that The Rock will one day be free of British rule.

Instead, like any sovereign state, it will belong to and be controlled by the people of Gibraltar.

He stated that conversations about how this will be accomplished will take place only between the United Kingdom and Gibraltar.

Any attempt by Spain to swoop in and take advantage of the situation will be met with fierce opposition, he said.

“Gibraltar will remain Spanish over my dead corpse — and as the freedom fighter that I am, I still have a lot of years of fighting left in me,” declared the Rock’s Minister for Enterprise, Training, Employment, and Health and Safety.

The issue, according to the octogenarian, has been ongoing since he entered politics at the age of 25.

“I am now 82 years old and still going strong,” he added.

Sir Joseph continued by stating that the two should have a “mutually advantageous business partnership.”

He reiterated that he will never give up their right to jurisdiction and control over their land, sea, and air space.

Gibraltar was a garrison city for centuries before being transferred to the United Kingdom by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

Spain continues to assert sovereignty over it, claiming that the Treaty of Paris is no longer valid.

The UK rejects this and argues that the inhabitants of Gibraltar will remain British citizens as long as they desire.

The vast majority of the Rock’s 32,000 residents are staunchly pro-British, and any attempt to join Spain is met with skepticism.

This hasn’t stopped Spanish politicians from drumming up support for the reunification of Gibraltar whenever it suits them.

The far-right Vox Party of the country has even urged invading to recapture “their” land.

Mainstream Spanish politicians have ignored this, but Brexit has raised worries about the country’s sovereignty.

They have yet to be resolved, and some analysts believe that Spain will try to reclaim control of Gibraltar as a result.


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