Over her relatives, Lady Louise has a “special place” in the Queen’s heart. “It’s her compassionate disposition,” she says.


Over her relatives, Lady Louise has a “special place” in the Queen’s heart. “It’s her compassionate disposition,” she says.

LADY Because of their shared “similar interests” and the young royal’s kind personality, Louise Windsor has been referred to as her grandmother’s “favorite grandchild.”

Lady Louise Windsor, Queen Elizabeth II’s youngest grandchild, has a “very close” relationship with her grandmother. Due to her “patience” and, more recently, her baby-sitting skills with Princess Charlotte, the young royal has had “a significant impact” on the 95-year-old king. Lady Louise is Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex’s eldest child, and she has always had a close relationship with her grandparents.

“Prince William and Prince Harry are two of the Queen’s most well-known grandkids, but Louise holds a special place in her heart,” according to The List.

“According to The Sun, Louise is Elizabeth’s favorite grandchild, owing to their shared hobbies, summers spent together, and Louise’s sweet demeanor.

‘The Queen loves that Louise and her younger brother James, Viscount Severn, enjoy their time in Balmoral, and she has become particularly close to Louise,’ a royal insider told the publication.

“When Princess Charlotte paid a visit to the Queen, Louise reportedly stepped up to the babysitting plate, as all good older cousins do.

“Louise has a gift for sketching, and she spent time and patience encouraging the young princess to draw while she was visiting her great-grandmother.

“The gesture definitely had a tremendous impact on the monarch, who has a lot of positive things to say about her granddaughter.”

The Queen apparently offered her granddaughter access to Queen Victoria’s secret paintings, which are held in royal archives, due to Lady Louise’s love of drawing.

Queen Victoria would often do sketches and paintings of the Highlands landscape when living at Balmoral, and she was well-known for her portraits of her children and grandchildren.

The Queen’s sympathetic act was regarded as a proof of her great friendship with Lady Louise.

Due to their common love of carriage driving, the young princess had a special affinity with her late grandfather, Prince Philip.

Lady Louise’s training sessions in Windsor Great Park were routinely attended by Prince Philip, who also attended the Windsor Horse Show in 2019 to cheer on his granddaughter, who finished third in the singles category.

Sophie Wessex told the BBC that Prince Philip had been “very encouraging” of Lady Louise after she demonstrated a talent for the sport.

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