Over breakfast, Prince Philip ‘threw’ a newspaper with the Fergie story in front of the Duchess.


Over breakfast, Prince Philip ‘threw’ a newspaper with the Fergie story in front of the Duchess.

PRINCE After images of Sarah Ferguson having her toes kissed by John Bryan appeared in the tabloid press, Philip reportedly “walked out” of the Balmoral breakfast room.

After images of her sunbathing topless and having her toes kissed by American investor John Bryan were published in British tabloids, Sarah Ferguson was left to “face the music” with her royal in-laws. A panel of royal experts reviewed Prince Philip and the Queen’s “furious” attitude to the royal scandal in a Channel 5 documentary.

“It’s impossible to understand the shock, the horror, especially for someone as self-assured as Sarah when she viewed these pictures,” Royal author Tom Quinn said.

“Apparently, Prince Philip entered the breakfast room, picked up one of the papers, and just threw it in front of her before leaving.”

“Fergie went up to see the Queen because she knew she had to face the music, and face her mother-in-law, and the Queen was really furious apparently,” said former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond.

The photographs were released in August 1992, several months after Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew announced their divorce.

The Duchess of York was on vacation in the south of France with her two daughters when the photographs were taken by The Daily Mirror.

After her friendship with Texan millionaire Steve Wyatt became the subject of media attention, Fergie’s tight relationship with a male friend was brought into question for the second time.

Fergie soon left Balmoral, where she had been on holiday with the Royal Family, when the paparazzi photos were published.

After being banished from Balmoral, she was seen boarding an aircraft to Heathrow with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie.

Throughout the 1990s, her connection with the Royal Family deteriorated.

Sarah Ferguson reportedly gave Princess Margaret a bouquet of roses in 1995, to which the Queen’s sister responded, “You have done more to cast dishonor on the family than could ever have been anticipated.”

Prince Philip, according to royal sources, never forgave his former daughter-in-law for the indiscretion.

She was also excluded from future royal ceremonies, including Prince Edward’s wedding to Sophie Wessex in 1999 and Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton in 2011.

William and Kate are expected to have a “uncomfortable chat.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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