Over a car parking spot he was ‘waiting for,’ a driver broke a man’s leg with a bat.


Over a car parking spot he was ‘waiting for,’ a driver broke a man’s leg with a bat.

DURING A ROW OVER a parking space he had been “waiting for,” a DRIVER brutally attacked a man with a baseball bat.

Abu Umar, 36, was sentenced to prison after breaking his victim’s leg with a weapon on the street.

The altercation began when Umar attempted to park his Audi in the same space as the other car in central Manchester, according to the court.

“I’ve been waiting for this spot,” Umar was heard saying before the victim, a passenger in the other car, began recording him on his cellphone.

The defendant then went into his Audi’s boot and pulled out a baseball bat, according to Manchester Crown Court.

Umar smashed the victim with the bat as he “panic-jumped” into the driver’s seat of Umar’s car.

According to the Manchester Evening News, he was left with broken bones in his leg and has been unable to stand all day, which has hampered his work as a pharmacist.

Umar was sentenced to two years and four months in prison yesterday after being convicted of causing serious bodily harm and possessing an offensive weapon.

“With your work in the security industry, you know full well and understand the impact of a weapon,” Recorder Anna Vigars QC told the thug as she handed down her sentence.

“I accept that this was out of character for you, and that you are sincere in your regret.”

In his friend’s BMW, the victim had driven to the city center with his friend and his friend’s girlfriend.

But he noticed Umar reversing his Audi A7 into the same spot.

His friend came to a halt just as he was about to complete the maneuver, and Umar was heard saying angrily, “I’ve been waiting for this spot.”

After that, Umar parked behind the other car and exited his Audi, with those in the BMW reporting hearing a bang.

The victim’s friend exited his vehicle to inspect it, and the victim exited from the passenger side to inspect his own.

He then began recording Umar on his phone, which enraged the thug even more, prompting him to grab the baseball bat from his boot.

The terrified victim then jumped into the Audi’s driver’s seat, where Umar struck him with the bat in the legs.

He had a fracture in both the tibia and the fibula, according to an X-ray.

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