Over 50 fighters killed in Afghan conflicts


KABUL, May 26 (Xinhua) — More than 50 fighters including six police have been killed in the conflict-battered Afghanistan since Saturday, officials said Sunday.

The Taliban fighters, in attempts to gain ground, targeted police checkpoints in Namak Ab district of the northern Takhar province Sunday morning, killing three police personnel on the spot and injuring two others, provincial government spokesman Mohammad Jawad Hajari said.

Hajari also contended that the militants fled away after facing stiff resistance from the police.

Similarly, the armed insurgents stormed security checkpoints in Zakhil area and Chardara district, Kunduz province bordering Takhar on the same day, killing three police, Esmatullah Muradi, the spokesman for provincial governor has confirmed.

Muradi also asserted that seven Taliban fighters were also killed in the firefight.

Moreover, the security forces crackdowns against militants have killed 15 militants in the southern Kandahar and six others in the neighboring Zabul province over the past 24 hours, said army statements on Sunday.

According to the army sources, 20 militants have been killed in the eastern Wardak, Ghazni and the the neighboring Paktika provinces since Saturday.

Fighting in Afghanistan traditionally gets momentum in spring and summer, commonly known as fighting season among Afghans.

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