Outside Big Baps Cafe, swinging naked doggers make havoc, terrifying patrons.


Outside Big Baps Cafe, swinging naked doggers make havoc, terrifying patrons.

People having open-air sex behind the building and leaving behind ‘bin bags full of used condoms,’ according to the proprietor of a transit café named Big Baps.

Doggers gather just yards from where a popular café offers lorry drivers their hard-earned fry-ups, according to the owner of a popular café – and truckers already have enough to deal with with the current HGV driver shortage.

Every morning while serving lorry drivers breakfast, Sharon Wherrett, co-owner of Big Baps café off the M62 in Brighouse in West Yorkshire, says she sees “two or three doggers, sure.”

Sharon claims that “men doggers” had been having sex with each other just yards away from the lay-by café.

She also claims that the forested area just behind her cafe is filled with sex waste, including garbage bags full of discarded condoms and old mattresses used for sex.

“Most people think it’s humorous, but it’s actually extremely seedy,” she told Yorkshire Live. A charity comes down and places condoms and lube in the trees.” According to Sharon, the site has a lot of public nudity: “My 21-year-old daughter came over once and said, ‘Mum, I just saw a dogger,’ and I told her, ‘It may have been a fisherman,’ but she said, ‘Mum, he had his penis in his hand,’ and she added, ‘They simply walk around naked.'” Sharon claims she has reported the problem to her local MP and the police on several occasions, but that the problem has persisted to the point where she now needs to warn people who go for walks in the neighborhood.

“Families want to walk down there, and we have to tell them that it’s a male dogging site down there,” she explained, “and we get homophobic slurs, it’s just terrible.”

Sharon emphasizes that she would “feel exactly the same” if it were a straight dogging site. “It’s the fact that it’s a dogging site,” she says.

“I’m sure they would enjoy the business,” Sharon replies, pointing to a motel about 20 yards up the road.

She claims that the majority of the males engaged come “from Manchester” to attend dogging parties behind the layby, and that it is having a significant impact on her business, not least because lorry drivers are frequently unable to park in the layby.

The dogging parties are in full swing. The news is summarized by Brinkwire.


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