Outside ASDA, a little 4ft OAP threatens a knifeman with her dentures in order to save a pregnant woman.


The brave but “terrified” 63-year-old said “something just snapped” when she heard the pregnant woman screaming out for help outside the supermarket in Birkenhead

A courageous member of the public threatened to shove her dentures in a knifeman’s forehead after she heard a pregnant woman crying out for help outside an Asda store in Birkenhead.

At around 7pm on Wednesday 20 October, the alleged assault took place outside the Asda Superstore on Grange Road, in which several onlookers intervened.

This included a “terrified” 63-year-old woman who made the unconventional threat, reports The Liverpool Echo.

She told the newspaper: “I’d come out of the Asda and I was walking down towards the taxi rank with my trolley, and I could hear this young couple that had come behind me and were alongside me.

“The lady, you could hear was quite distressed. She was saying to her fella, ‘What happened? What the heck? Please tell me what’s just happened. What’s gone on?’

“She was shaky and you could see she was in shock a bit.”

The woman carried on walking and was getting into a taxi when she heard more commotion.

She then saw “ten or more teenagers” running towards the couple, who were trying to get into their own taxi at this point.

“I just heard this girl again, the pregnant lady, going, ‘Please god, will somebody help us, please somebody help me.

“We think they’ve got a weapon. The back of my fella’s coat is all ripped. Please help us’.”

The Birkenhead woman said “something just snapped” in her when she saw the pregnant woman “shaking, crying”, and she jumped in with another woman and taxi drivers to block the path of the attackers and tell them to back off.

She said: “I was terrified really. I’m shaking a bit relaying it to you because it was scary.

“And what scares me is, god knows what they’d have done if people hadn’t have intervened on that couple’s behalf, because they were absolutely out for them.

“They weren’t bothered about me being elderly. I’m only 4 foot 11.”

The 63-year-old said the gang of teens dispersed when they heard a police siren. She said she has since made contact with the woman who was attacked.

A spokesperson for Merseyside Police told the Echo : “At around 7pm yesterday (Wednesday 20 October) officers were called to a report of an assault at Grange Road outside in Birkenhead.

“A woman and a man were assaulted outside a. Brinkwire presents summary news.


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