‘Outrageous!’ With his current SUV stint, Prince Andrew ‘loves to provoke’ Prince Charles.


‘Outrageous!’ With his current SUV stint, Prince Andrew ‘loves to provoke’ Prince Charles.

Despite his brother Prince Charles routinely speaking on the subject of climate change, Prince Andrew has been chastised by royal experts for driving three “gas-guzzling” vehicles to Balmoral.

Two royal pundits have slammed Prince Andrew’s recent visit to the Queen at her Scottish estate after photographs emerged of the Duke of York doing the 1,020 mile round journey with three SUVs as part of his entourage. Despite his recent campaigning for climate change awareness, Prince Charles traveled in his own SUVs, according to Daily Mail Diary editor and royal expert Richard Eden.

“We’ve heard a lot from his brother Prince Charles recently about the environment, as we know he’s a very, very strong advocate against climate change,” Richard Eden told Mail+ Palace Confidential.

“Prince Andrew brought not one, not two, but three SUVs to Balmoral with Fergie, which clearly makes us question. The Palace refused to answer, but why does he require so many gas-guzzling vehicles?

“They wouldn’t say, but the notion remains for his royal protection, but these aren’t police cars; these are Prince Andrew’s automobiles with his personalised number plates.

“I’m concerned it’s absurd that he still gets taxpayer-funded police protection when he hasn’t carried out any royal duties in nearly two years and there doesn’t appear to be any real likelihood he will in the future.

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“He seems to want to do it on purpose to upset his brother, and we know that Prince Andrew loves to provoke his brother,” added royal expert Charlotte Griffiths.

“I mean, you almost think it’s a joke because it’s so bizarre.”

In mid-August, Prince Andrew landed in Balmoral with his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, for a 10-day visit with the Queen.

They are thought to have been joined at the Scottish residence by other prominent royals, including Prince Charles, Prince Edward, and Sophie Wessex. The Royal Family has long considered Balmoral to be a favorite vacation spot, with the Queen spending two to three months there each summer with her family.

Prince Andrew traveled in three of his personally owned SUVs, each with his own customised license plates.

According to reports, one vehicle was involved. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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