‘Outrageous! Tice is enraged that his Brexit Party restart group’s bank account has been closed.


‘Outrageous! Tice is enraged that his Brexit Party restart group’s bank account has been closed.

RICHARD TICE has reacted to the news that the Brexit Party relaunch group’s bank account would be closed because it is no longer “commercially viable.”

Mr Tice, who is the new leader of Reform UK, called Metro Bank’s move “outrageous” and said it was politically driven. This comes only a few months after the Brexit Party relaunched in November 2020.

The party’s leader, on the other hand, stated that he received a letter from the bank last month stating that the party’s account will be closed in 60 days.

“It is really outrageous,” he told the Sunday Telegraph.

“In the polls, we are ranked fifth.

“It’s not like we’re extremists or something.

“In the May elections, we received 300,000 votes.

“New disrupters must be able to operate if we are to have a properly functioning democracy.

Mr Tice claimed the decision was “based on politics” and “the difficulty for banks of being connected with politically exposed persons and political parties” in his attack on the bank.

Mr Tice alleged that when the Brexit Party was founded in 2018, four high street banks turned it down before Metro Bank became its banker.

“After careful deliberation, we are unable to continue to operate as your bankers,” Metro Bank wrote to Reform UK in a letter.

“We frequently assess our customer accounts and close those that are no longer commercially viable,” the bank stated in a statement.

“The decision to shut the Brexit Party account was taken solely for commercial reasons as a matter of course.

“Metro Bank is and will remain politically neutral,” said Nigel Farage, the former leader of the Brexit Party, who announced his resignation in March and stated that he had no ambitions to return to politics.

After eventually seeing Brexit through, Mr Farage announced his resignation and was replaced by Mr Tice.

“There is no going back – Brexit is done,” he declared.

“That is not going to change.

“I know I’ve returned once or twice when people assumed I’d left, but this is the last time.

It’s finished. “Now is the time for me to declare I’ve knocked on my last door,” the eurosceptic added.

“I’m going to step down as Reform UK’s leader.

“I’m not going to be in any kind of executive position.

“I’m grateful for an honorary one, but I’m not interested in party politics, campaigning, or being active in elections.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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