Only guests who have been inoculated with EU-approved vaccines are permitted in, causing outrage in France.


Only guests who have been inoculated with EU-approved vaccines are permitted in, causing outrage in France.

FRANCE’S president, Emmanuel Macron, has provoked outrage with a new policy that prevents people from entering the nation unless they have an EU-approved vaccine.

France has gradually opened up amid a gradual relaxation of Coronavirus regulations, but one new step has some French and foreign visitors fuming. President Macron has announced that under some conditions, France will admit fully vaccinated tourists, but only if the quantities they got were approved by the European Medicines Agency. Those who do not have an EMA-approved vaccination will be denied a vaccine certificate.

According to France24, “that is a green light for people who have been inoculated with Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or Janssen.”

“If you had your vaccination outside of the EU, French social security can provide you a certificate allowing you to enter French territory.

“However, you’ll want to be able to obtain one of these health cards, which will be necessary on trains, restaurants, and pubs in the near future.”

Some French Twitter users have called on France’s Health Minister, Clement Beaune, to take action.

“When will we be added to the European Health Pass?” one user inquired.

“Has he forgotten about the millions of French tourists visiting Europe this summer?”

People will need to produce a vaccine pass to access cafes, restaurants, and public transportation under a proposed Paris ordinance.

It comes after French President Emmanuel Macron declared in a public address on Monday that Covid vaccinations will be mandatory for health professionals starting in September.

“All French people must be vaccinated; it is the only way to live a decent life.”

“A new race against the clock has begun,” the President declared.

“We may need to consider whether or not everyone should be vaccinated.”

“The country is facing a major resurgence of the epidemic, which is affecting all of our territory,” he warned.

“The formula is straightforward.

“The more vaccines we give out, the less room this virus has to spread.”

Panelist Jeremy Vine

On Jeremy Vine on Tuesday, Dominique Samuels launched a scorching rant over Macron’s vaccine stance.

“It really encourages conspiracy theories,” she said. “I believe it should be based on decision rather than aiming to penalize people.”


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