‘Only God knows why he gets platform!’ says a rejoinder, referring to Farage’s appearance on the BBC show.


‘Only God knows why he gets platform!’ says a rejoinder, referring to Farage’s appearance on the BBC show.

Rejoiners have reacted angrily to the news that Nigel Farage will be a panelist on BBC Any Questions this evening.

“Only God and the BBC know why he gets a platform to speak,” Steve Bray, who is best known for shouting outside the Houses of Parliament in the run-up to Brexit, tweeted earlier this afternoon.

Others should join the “welcoming” team outside the Reading building where it is being recorded, he said.

Mr Bray, also known as the Stop Brexit Man, Mr Stop Brexit, and the Stop Brexit Guy, stood outside parliament wearing a hat with EU colors and various flamboyant costumes on a regular basis.

He became a nuisance for news crews reporting from College Green during the triggering of Article 50, which began the UK’s exit from the EU.

During pieces to camera, Mr. Bray would walk into the background and use a loud hailer to yell “Stop Brexit.”

In 2018, the BBC attempted to avoid his disruptions by erecting a five-meter-high platform to conduct interviews on.

Mr Bray, on the other hand, gatecrashed the coverage by mounting an EU flag on a five-meter pole.

Mr Bray reportedly raised £12,000 in January 2019 to move into a rented property in Westminster, directly across from the home of Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Brexiteer who is now the Leader of the House of Commons.

“Should he wish to borrow a cup of sugar, he would be very welcome,” the Brexiteer and now-House of Commons Speaker said in response to the news.

Conservative MP Lee Anderson referred to him as “a parasite, a malingerer, and a scrounger” after Mr Bray approached him outside a Westminster pub.

Mr Farage, along with Kit Malthouse, the Minister for Crime and Policing, SNP MP Joanna Cherry, and Shadow Rail Minister Tan Dhesi, is scheduled to speak on the Radio 4 political discussion show this evening.

Other Rejoiners were equally enraged by the lineup’s announcement.

“Didn’t he have WAY too much airtime on BBC Question Time for FAR too many years???” exclaimed @HelenTBracken.

In the meantime, @HuntedTeamNick hoped that the audience would “tear him’several’ new arseholes.”

“Hello, my name is ‘The BBC’ and I’m a Farageaholic…” he wrote, mocking the broadcaster.

“Don’t give him any more airtime,” @Col_Irrelevant advised the BBC.

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