Only allowing double jabbed customers could allow nightclubs to completely open in the event of a future Covid rush.


Only allowing double jabbed customers could allow nightclubs to completely open in the event of a future Covid rush.

If Covid spikes again, BORIS JOHNSON might create new incentives for nightclubs and venues to completely reopen, such as just allowing double-vaccinated people in.

Boris Johnson earlier stated at a news conference that by the end of September, he aimed to “make complete vaccination a condition of access to nightclubs and other events where huge people gather.”

According to the Telegraph, nightclubs and concert venues may fully open and avoid having to adopt social distancing regulations in the event of a future Covid outbreak by only allowing clients who have been doubly jabbed in.

Late-night clubs that can host large crowds will not be required to use vaccine passports under this idea.

Instead, this new idea encourages venues to embrace them without requiring them to do so.

This comes as arrangements are being made to accommodate the industry in the event of another Covid wave.

Nightclubs might open to full capacity under these ideas, and table service only restrictions would be lifted.

By the end of September, the Prime Minister announced, a negative test would no longer be sufficient proof for admittance into nightclubs or major venues.

“We reserve the right to require certification at any time if reducing transmission is necessary.”

The Covid Recovery Group’s Mark Harper has slammed the government’s plans to introduce Covid passports.

“What problem are these disproportionate ideas trying to tackle, given our very high vaccination uptake, especially among the groups sensitive to Covid?” Mr Harper asked.

“I’m amazed the government is even considering it; it’s almost as if they don’t think our vaccines work. Even the suggestion will cause company confidence to be harmed.”

However, it is reported that Transport Secretary Grant Shapps stated that the passports will encourage young people to get their vaccines.

The government was also considering making attendance at face-to-face university lectures a requirement for individuals who had been vaccinated.

These ideas, however, have since been abandoned.

Some Government initiatives, according to Jennie Bristow, author and senior lecturer in sociology at Canterbury Christ Church University, would affect young people in the long run.

“The prom, the driving test, the clubbing experience, the group vacation, and the university graduation ceremony,” she stated.

“All of these things were pulled from under their feet, presented as dangerous extravagances rather than pivotal periods in their development.”


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