Only 1% of people think Joe Biden is a terrific president, according to a shocking poll.


Only 1% of people think Joe Biden is a terrific president, according to a shocking poll.

According to a poll, only 1% of British people think Joe Biden is a “great president” because of his disastrous handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

For the embattled US President, a YouGov Daily Question posted this morning will be depressing reading. “Do you think Joe Biden has been… so far?” it asked.

Mr. Biden was rated as a “average” president by about a third of those polled (32%).

Only 13% thought he was a “good” president, and only one person thought he was a “great” president.

Meanwhile, 32% of those polled thought he was a “poor” or “terrible” leader of the free world.

“Don’t know” was chosen by 21% of the 7,214 UK adults polled.

The alarming figures emerged as Mr Biden faced calls to resign and other Republicans reportedly plotted to impeach him.

He’s even faced criticism from stalwart friends, such as the United Kingdom, over why the pullout from Afghanistan happened in the first place and how it went down.

The US choice, according to Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, was a “mistake” that gave the Taliban “momentum.”

He warned that “the international community will definitely face the consequences” in an interview with Sky News, and expressed concern that al-Qaeda might reclaim a stronghold in Afghanistan.

Tony Blair, the former prime minister, was as harsh in a lengthy blog post on his website.

“We didn’t have to do it,” he wrote.

“We made the decision to do it. We did it in response to a clumsy political slogan about putting a stop to “eternal wars.”

Mr. Biden hasn’t flinched in the face of this constant criticism, at least not yet.

He said he stood “firmly behind” the decision to go ahead with the withdrawal, despite the United States’ seeming concentration on domestic concerns and Xi Jinping’s China’s growing might.

He defended his decision by saying, “We have been a nation at war for far too long.”

“This is the wisest, most appropriate, and greatest decision for America.”

“To those who argue for a third decade of war in Afghanistan, I ask, ‘What is the critical national interest?’” he continued.

“I simply do not believe that continuing to deploy thousands of American troops and spending billions of dollars in Afghanistan improves America’s safety and security.”

Mr Biden also chastised Western-backed Afghan soldiers for surrendering to the Taliban despite 20 years of training and backing from the US and its partners.


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