One of Britain’s top trophy hunters, a military dog handler, collects sick souvenirs.


One of Britain’s top trophy hunters, a military dog handler, collects sick souvenirs.

EXCLUSIVE: Adrian Cawte, a Ministry of Defence employee, brags on social media about his trophy hunting prowess.

Hundreds of animals have been killed by him.

One of Britain’s top trophy hunters is a military dog handler who slaughters helpless animals like zebras before skinning and eating them.

Adrian Cawte, a Ministry of Defence employee who has killed hundreds of animals from more than 20 different species, keeps the hides as sick mementos.

He’s also boasted about how he tucked into zebra meatballs after butchering the creatures in stomach-churning posts.

Zebra, baboons, jackals, wildebeest, antelope, warthog, deer, and impala are among the animals he kills for fun.

On several hunters’ forums, bloodthirsty Cawte, from Somerset, has boasted about his passion for trophy hunting.

“A very nice way to christen my new rifle,” he once said of slaying a majestic zebra.

He talked about how much he enjoyed the smell of a butchered animal after killing another zebra.

“I took the shot and heard the bullet strike, I saw the zebra fall and roll downhill kicking,” Cawte boasted.

“I could finally lay my hands on her and admire the fantastic markings, feel the short bristled hair on her body, examine her hooves, run my fingers over her hide’s scars, and inhale that wonderful horsey smell.”

He also told fellow hunters about how he ate “zebra meatballs” with tagliatelle for dinner after one of his kills.

He described his joy in tracking their blood splatters in several other graphic posts.

“There were stomach contents on the ground and some small splatters of blood,” he said after shooting a duiker antelope.

“There was also a satisfying amount of blood that was dropped on a regular basis and was relatively easy to follow.”

“We continued on and discovered more intestines caught in the thorns, as well as more blood.”

Cawte also boasted about shooting a springbok in the leg with a rifle.

“There was a lot of blood,” he explained, “and we followed the trail, finding chunks of bone.”

“My bullet had smashed through the back leg, destroying muscle and tendon and removing most of the bone.”

“I enjoy it,” he responded when asked on the forum “What makes you want to hunt?”

Eduardo Goncalves, the founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, exposed Cawte, who has been with the MoD for several years.

“Cawte describes the appalling injuries and suffering he inflicts on animals in stomach-churning detail,” Eduardo explained.

“He seems to get a kick out of blowing animals to bits.

Following that, he poses for photographs.

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