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One of Britain’s first gay dads proposes to daughter’s ex-boyfriend while on holiday with them both

One of Britain’s first gay fathers has proposed to his daughter’s ex-boyfriend – while on holiday with them both.

Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, 50, who is originally from Manchester, is engaged to his bisexual assistant Scott Hutchison, 25, who previously dated his 20-year-old daughter, Saffron, for several months. 

The couple announced earlier this year that they are expecting a baby together in October via surrogate. 

This week Barrie took to Instagram to reveal that he and Scott are engaged, sharing a video of the elaborate proposal that took place while on holiday with his daughter and her ex. 


The romantic moment took place on a motor yacht near the Croatian island Hvar. Barrie had decorated the boat with candles and rose petals as well as laying out a bottle of champagne. 

Barrie then revealed a huge diamond and silver ring, and can be heard teasing in the Instagram video: ‘What happened here tonight? 

‘I wonder what it could be? There’s Champagne, there’s roses, uh, uh, uh, oh… what do you think happened here?

‘And is that something over there?’

Barrie’s post racked up over 3,000 views and over 200 likes, with several users congratulating the pair and hailing them the ‘perfect couple’. 

‘Congratulations! So happy for you both… the perfect couple’, said one. 

‘Wonderful news. Congratulations. So happy for you both,’ gushed another. 

‘Awwwww that’s just the cutest ever!!! Happy future together both of you’, wrote a third.  

Barrie followed up the post by sharing pictures of himself posing with both Saffron and Scott, hailing his daughter ‘his everything’.  

Barrie and his former partner Tony, 55, hit headlines in 1999 when they became the first same sex couple to be formally registered as parents. Their surrogate gave birth to twins Aspen and Saffron.

The fathers, who are worth £40million and live in a £6million 10-bedroom mansion in Florida, went on to have three more children.

The pair, who made their millions through ventures including a surrogacy agency and medical research firm, became civil partners in 2006 and married in 2014.

But Barrie previously told how they ‘slid into a platonic relationship’ after Tony was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

He said Scott, his PA of seven years, became a ‘shoulder to cry on’ when Tony, who is now in remission, was in hospital during treatment in 2018. 

Last year Barrie announced that Tony remained his ‘true love’ but they had ended their 32-year relationship. 

Meanwhile Saffron has said she is ‘not bothered’ by her father and ex’s relationship, provided they are happy together. 

Earlier this year Barrie revealed he is expecting a baby girl with his daughter’s ex-boyfriend via surrogate, with Barrie’s ex Tony agreeing to be the baby’s godfather. 

Their surrogate, Marie, is from San Francisco and has previously worked with the couple for their agency, the British Surrogacy Centre. 

The couple transferred three blastocysts (embryos) – two girls fertilised by Scott and one girl fertilised by Barrie. 

All three men and the Drewitt-Barlow’s children still live together in their Florida mansion, which has separate wings.

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