Onboard fatality is a rare occurrence, although it does happen… What does the cabin crew do about it?


Onboard fatality is a rare occurrence, although it does happen… What does the cabin crew do about it?

Although the chances of someone dying on a plane are slim, when it does happen, it is handled much more quickly than one might imagine.

The last thing on a traveler’s mind on the way to a five-star vacation is the possibility of sitting next to a dead body on the plane. However, as implausible as it may seem, anyone could find themselves in such a situation.

If you happen to be on board when someone dies unexpectedly, you’ll notice that airlines follow stringent procedures to get the body off the plane.

Every year, billions of travelers fly around the world… It would be nothing short of a miracle if no one died on the trek.

Only a licensed doctor or medical expert can officially declare someone dead. However, this does not imply that flight attendants are merely observers.

When a passenger is in danger of dying, “all systems go,” and flight attendants must act quickly. Indeed, they are prepared to know what to do in order to make the process as simple as feasible.

The dead body would “typically be transferred to an empty row or business class,” a Ryanair representative told The Sun.

The Mirror asked a flight attendant for insight into what goes on behind the scenes and how procedures differ from airline to airline. “All the crew have a medical action plan where roles are assigned from training, and they work together to complete the medical in an efficient manner so that no one is stressed and everyone remains calm and collected,” she said.

“We can’t actually proclaim someone dead, but we can divert to an airport and be met by a medical team,” says the pilot.

“When the plane lands, the crew is greeted by a care team in case they require assistance as a result of their ordeal.”

Sue Jackman witnessed her husband’s death on a long-haul Air New Zealand journey from Los Angeles to Auckland in business class. He never awoke after laying down. Sue was still seated next to him four hours later.

She wrote on Quora about her encounter, saying, “He wouldn’t wake up.” I summoned a flight steward, who proceeded to fetch a doctor passenger. He conducted the standard signs-of-life tests and proclaimed him dead about four hours before arriving.

“He stayed in his bed, wrapped in.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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