On the verge of extinction: Corbynites ask for money as they fear being wiped out by Starmer.


On the verge of extinction: Corbynites ask for money as they fear being wiped out by Starmer.

Momentum, a Corbynite grassroots campaign organisation, has launched an urgent call for money, fearful of losing its hold on the Labour Party.

Momentum is asking for further donations in emails obtained by This website. In interactions with members, the socialist group warns that parties on the party’s “Right” have more money.

Momentum exerted tremendous control over Labour during the Jeremy Corbyn years when it was led by activist Jon Lansman, and was instrumental in getting the Islington North MP elected to the top post in the first place.

At its peak in 2019, the grassroots organization was thought to have 40,000 members.

It’s commonly referred to as a “party within a party.”

Sir Keir Starmer has been attempting to remove himself from the group since last spring, in order to break free from their influence.

Momentum is concerned about a resurgence of more moderate members of the party, such as Progress and Labour First, who may now play a larger role in party policy.

“The Labour Right have been busy lining their coffers,” the socialist organisation declared in an email to supporters.

“Peter Mandelson’s think tank just donated £85k to Progress, and Labour First has established a £72k fundraising goal.

“Let’s be clear: they’re using this money to fund their efforts to undermine the power of grassroots Labour Party members.”

By Labour’s party conference, Momentum hopes to have raised at least £20,000.

Next month, the annual meet will be held in Brighton.

The organization has so far raised about £4,000 towards its £10,000 goal, with the goal of reaching £10,000 by August 25.

Momentum plans to use the extra funds to hire full-time organizers to help persuade Labour Party members to vote in favor of its policies at the party’s annual conference.

Delegates vote on a series of motions that establish the policies of the Labour Party.

Momentum has proposed eight motions for consideration.

They include raising the minimum wage to £15, implementing a four-day workweek, and reforming the electoral system.

“At the upcoming Labour Party conference in September, these factions will endorse regressive policy resolutions and anti-democratic rule changes that would cause significant damage to our movement,” Momentum warned supporters, warning that policy motions from other factions could be chosen above theirs.

“We need to build if we are going to fight these attacks on grassroots members.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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