On the frontlines with the Taliban, an Afghan general warns that he has “never seen so many” Al-Qaeda fighters.


On the frontlines with the Taliban, an Afghan general warns that he has “never seen so many” Al-Qaeda fighters.

According to Afghan Major General Sami Sadaat, AL-QAEDA has arrived in their “hundreds and hundreds” to fight “shoulder to side” with the Taliban as Afghanistan spins out of control.

Major General Sadaat told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Tuesday that the number of Al-Qaeda warriors from throughout the Arab world he is seeing on the frontlines in Afghanistan is gravely concerning him. He detailed how targeted airstrikes by the US are keeping terrorists at bay, but that this would end when the US pulls out completely in September, at which point he fears the organization will “mobilize” and assist the Taliban in “rebuilding.” However, he emphasized that the Afghan army can hold them off in the meanwhile because they are annihilating roughly “90 Taliban fighters” per day. His remarks come as the Taliban have recently conquered large swaths of land across Afghanistan, and have now launched an assault on the government-controlled, strategically crucial city of Lashkar Gah in southern Helmand province.

“Unfortunately, we have lost some land in the last two weeks,” the General remarked.

“However, hundreds of worldwide terrorists, including around 60 Al-Qaeda members, including Arabs from Egypt, Yemen, Iraq, and Syria…

“Were killed in the combat near Lashkar Gah City, along with some 600 Taliban fighters.”

But, in a grim warning, he revealed how Al-influence Qaeda’s on the battlefield has evolved dramatically.

“I have never seen so many Al-Qaeda members on the frontlines and fighting side by side with the Taliban,” he claimed.

“Before, I saw what happened after the US-forces left.

“They believe that US air support will be withdrawn, so they are assisting the Taliban in refitting and mobilizing.”

He went on to say that Al-Qaeda is now supplying the Taliban with “new technologies” such as “mortars” and “snipers” to aid them in their conquest of the country.

“However, what they’ve gotten so far is that a number of their members have been slain on the battlefield.”

Major General Sadaat dismissed the prospect that the Taliban would take the strategically crucial Lashkar Gah City as they get closer.

“I believe the Taliban are unable to conquer the city; there is no way they can sustain the war as it is now,” he asserted confidently.

“On average, every day.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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